You Never Lose an Artist...

So of course, while I've been desperately keeping to my deadline dance, I've started to think about projects again.

Like, I haven't already got enough, or anything.

First off, we have Mythlands - the comic that I started writing years and years ago. Jim Sutherns was originally planned to work on it (see the picture) but he had some personal issues to deal with, I moved onto The Gloom. Well yesterday I heard back from jim, he's finally able to get back into comics, he's raring to go and Mythlands is now going to be a graphic novel, possibly even done by end of 2006.

Secondly we have WiCKeRMaN - my Spartacus meets I, Robot in an Amish style setting - I'd backed away from this because again, I knew I'd need to do it as a graphic novel - I just didn't have a right artist to work with on it. And then out of the blue my old compadre Jim Brady appears, having just finished about two years worth of commissions - Jim was one of the first people on board with Starship Troopers, and although he had to drop off to concentrate on a prior gig, we've kept in touch - and he;s perfect for the gig. So that's two prjects that were pretty much in statsis and suddenly brought back to life ikn the space of a day.

And of course I've been overdosing on The Shield for research (among other avenues) for my crime thriller DollarTown - Think West Side Story where the Sharks and the Jets are both police precincts - theres no love story, just adulturous sex and nobody sings a single bloody song.

No artist for that, yet - but as they seem to just keep appearing when I need them, I'm sure someone will turn up at some point...

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Kody Chamberlain said...

You're a man of many projects. :D