Shout Out: Jackie Karma

Been digging on the Jackie Karma promo stuff B. Clay Moore is posting on his LiveJournal. Really looking forward to checking this one out. Art by the very skilled Ed Tadem.


Clean, simple & professional

I spotted the MacGuffin (The Graphic Novel Bookshop) blog today and I was really impressed with the store photos. The idea is simple, the store looks clean and well organized and it's got a specific focus, graphic novels. Comic shops are awesome, but they tend to cater to a very specific audience. This type of graphic novel bookstore is a great variation on the theme.


WizardWorld LA 2007

Booked my flight and table for the WizardWorld LA convention in a few weeks. The Artists Alley list is getting HUGE. Here's a peek at the list so far, and I'm told there are more updates coming soon [James Abrams, Kei Acedera, Jerry Ahern, Aaron Akagi, Jonnie Allan, J. Andrew Clark, Ray-Anthony Height, Adam Archer, Erik Arreaga, Joseph Atkinson, Richard Barrett, Joe Benitez, Ryan Benjamin, Jeff Bennett, Rich Birdsall, Khalid Birdsong, Tim Bithoney, Matthew Bojangles aka Marine, Tim Bradstreet, Andrew Brennan aka Stardusty, Mark Brooks, David Bullock, Buzz, Adam Byrne, Talent Caldwell, Eric Canete, Tom Carroll aka Mr. Mustard Seed, Mac Carter, Kody Chamberlain, Bernard Chang, Sean “Cheeks” Galloway, Sean Chen, Ben Chin, Bobby Chin, Eddy Choi, DJ Coffman, David Colman, Amanda Conner, Jerrell Conner, Derek Croston aka kitsunekage, Carlos D'Anda (Saturday Only), Peter David, Walt Davis, Kirk Dilbeck, Robert Duenas, David Finch, Jason Fitch, Tess Fowler, Zac Freudt aka Zac, Joe Gabbard, AlĂ© Garza, Angelo Gines, Gomez, Joel Gomez, Trevor Goring, Christian Gossett, Shawn Granger aka Mr. Granger, Christopher Grice, Erich Haeger, Javier Hernandez, Sandra Hope, Greg Horn, Zach Howard, Dave Johnson, Jeff Johnson, JJ Kirby, Mike Laico, Dan Leister, Henry Liao, Todd Livingston, Pat Loika, Alan Ly, David Mack, Jim Mahfood, Dennis Mallonee, Jason Martin, Brett Marting, Mike Mayhew, Chris Maze, Angel Medina, Mendoza, Joshua Middleton, Matthew Mohammed, Patrick Morgan, Yelena Morozenko, Sean Murphy, David Nakayama, Mat Nastos, Todd Nauck, Kadir Nelson, Dustin Nguyen, Oliver Nome, Andre Owens, Jason Palmer, Jimmy Palmiotti, Dan Panosian, Chris Pate, John Paul Leon, Philip Peralez, Omaha Perez, Brian Phillipson, Rochelle Phister, Whilce Portacio, Humberto Ramos, Joseph Rintoul aka Wingnut, James Riot aka MrRiot, Matt Roberts, Enrique Robledo, Tone Rodriguez, Alberto Ruiz, A. S. Williams aka Vindibudd, Mark Sable, Tim Sale, Michael Sales, Tony Salmons, Boris Savic, Stuart Sayger, J. Scott Campbell, Barret Shikuma, Bill Sienkiewicz, Stephen Silver, Erick Sosa, Beth Sotelo, Christina Strain, Winston Suk, Phillip Tan, Jon Tavss, Art Thibert, Billy Tucci, Ernesto Vazquez, Gus Vazquez, Ray Villafane, Mark Walters, Mark Walters, Len Wein, Dan Wickline, Bill Willingham, Chris Winsia, Dire Wolf, Mark Wolfe, Marv Wolfman, Dave Wong, Kristin Wosar aka Green Tangerine, Charles Yang, Skottie Young, Doug Zolondek]

Should be a great con! I'll have art from a few new unannounced projects to show, and I'll make sure I work up a new sketchbook. Who's coming?


Bloodbourne... In colour...

So - the first six coloured pages of the book Szymon (30 Days Of Night, Scatterbrain) Kudranski and I have been working on - Bloodbourne - Bite Of The Living Dead are now up and available to read at my ComicSpace Gallery.

Yours truly did the lettering, so don't expect genius, and the logo is a place holder until someone can design us a better one, but I think this is some of the most beautiful stuff that Szymon has ever done.

Anyway, have a look, let us know what you think.

Now all we need is a publisher for it...


Three Rivers

Three Rivers is the follow up to Elk's Run by Noel Tuazon and myself. Where Elk's Run dealt with isolation and loneliness, Three Rivers is about growing up in the seat of modern civilization... the suburbs.

It's a bit scary how similar they are.

The plan for right now is to put up a new chapter every month for free, with access to the archive for a buck a month.

In that archive, you can also access a bunch of my early mini-comics, comics by Noel, and some of my Western Tales of Terror stories.

So, please, check out the first part of the book, and let us know what you think!


Some sketchbook stuff

I dropped some sketchbook stuff up on my message board, these were done on a cruise Kristie and I took a few weeks ago.

These were all done with pencil, the Pentel Color Brush, a single small tube of brown watercolor paint (I think it was burnt sienna) and a water filled Pentel Color Brush that I emptied an cleaned out. Some pen stuff here and there on a few edges.

Had a blast doing these, and it was great to just have some free-form sketch time that wasn't work related. See the whole set on my message board.


Unravel #1 in Previews

New Shadowline Miniseries Continues Crime Comics Renaissance
BERKELEY, CA -- 19 January, 2007 -- The crime comic renaissance started by Warren Ellis's FELL, Ed Brubaker's CRIMINAL and Michael Avon Oeming's THE CROSS BRONX continues this April UNRAVEL ­ an all-new four-issue miniseries from Image Comics and Shadowline.
Written by Dan Wickline with art by Homeros Gilani, UNRAVEL begins with a stormy night foot pursuit through Central Park that leaves Officer Lindsey Shaw at the mercy of an amnesiac stranger. Attempts to identify the mystery man point to a connection with a decade-old cold case murder that is not only unlikely, but seemingly impossible. Thrust into a case where nothing makes sense, Shaw must figure out how her case ties to a man killed while in police custody and then convicted posthumously of murder.
"Lindsay comes from a long line of NYPD police officers," explains Wickline. "It's in her blood. She trusts her gut and takes the risks necessary to get the job done. The problem is that the case she's working on is unlike any she's ever seen. She's forced to look at everything ­ and everyone ­ she trusts differently. Even herself."
Featuring twists, turns, shady characters, deceptions and people trying to do good in the worst of circumstances, UNRAVEL gives fans of crime comics exactly what they want and is certain to keep readers guessing all the way through to the end.
UNRAVEL #1 (FEB071880), a 32-page comic with a cover price of $3.50 ships, is available for order in the March issue of Diamond Previews, with a ship date of APRIL 25.



Fialkov writes Vampirella & More

Hey Gang,
These updates are becoming monthly almost. Just a quick heads up. In Previews this month, you can find my first issue of a brand new Vampirella series from Harris Comics. The book is a quarterly ongoing, featuring a brand new story by me, with art by the excellent Stephen Segovia, and a classic reprint by Archie Goodwin and Jose Gonzalez. I'm not sure how many of y'all have given Vampi a chance, but, she's really a pretty unique character and it's been a blast writing her. So, please, pre-order the first issue at your Local Comic Shop. The Diamond Order # is FEB07 3130 (there's a few covers, and you can find them all on page 224.)

Secondly, it was just announced that PUNKS will finally make it's print debut in the Free Comic Book Day edition of Digital Webbing Presents. This is going to be an all-new, never before seen story, and it'll come complete with info about the destiny of the book. So, y'know, it's free, just let your shop owner know you'd want a copy of it.

Finally, recently put up on Amazon are a few of my books for pre-order. First, of course is Elk's Run, which comes out in March. Next is Postcards, which if you somehow have missed, is an amazing anthology featuring guys like Harvey Pekar, Michael Gaydos, and Phil Hester. Not exactly sure how I conned my way in there. Finally, a manga I adapted called Princess Resurrection is going to be coming out any month now. I adapted the 1st and 2nd book in the series, with more to come, so please check it out.

So, that's all she wrote. Take care of yourselves, and thanks for reading.

Joshua Hale Fialkov