Death Dealier art missing!

Got this info from Jay Fotos, thought I'd repost it here to try and help:

"We are missing two pieces of ORIGINAL Death Dealer comic art, if you see any DD comic art being sold please contact myself or Nat Jones.
We have some conspiracy theories, but to let all our friends know and watch out for it is the best way to ever get the art back or find out who took it.

Please keep an eye out.


Jay Fotos


Actual Grindhouse trailer up at Yahoo

Spike previewed some clips from Grindhouse during the Scream Awards, and now here's what looks to be the first official trailer from the new Tarantino / Rodriguez double feature. Enjoy.


End of 2006 / Beginning of 2007 report

A little early for a year-end report, but my wife has the week off between Christmas and New Years off work and I’m going to try very hard to do nothing but spend time with her during that week. Which means I need to get everything done this week.

2006 has been a very special year for me. I’ve spent the majority of it (3/4ths of the year) writing full-time. Which is an improvement over 2005, which was only 2/3rds of the year. Also 2006 saw the publication of 30 Days of Night: Dead Space, I Am Spartacus, Monkey vs. Lemur, and Actor Comics Presents. I think the second Event Horizon also came out this year but I’m not 100% sure on that.

Also, before the year rolls away, 30 Days of Night: Spreading the Disease will hit the stands. This is a big mini-series in the sense that neither Steve Niles nor Ben Templesmith are involved. I feel like I’m taking my parents new car out for a cruise and happened into a demolition derby.

Things to look for from me in 2007:
30 Days of Night: Spreading the Disease – 5 issues from IDW Publishing
The Unusual Suspects – Graphic novel from Top Cow for the Hero Initiative
Unravel – 4 issues from Image Comics/Shadowline
Phantom Chronicles – Short story from Moonstone this spring/summer.
St. Christopher’s Junior Mystery Detective League – Actionopolis kid’s book.
Strange Cases – 6 issues from Image Comics and Steve Niles.

There are a few other projects in the works but they’re not locked in yet. So keep your fingers crossed for me.

I will be hitting the convention circuit starting in January at the Phoenix Cactus Convention. I should also be attending Wizard World Los Angeles, Wonder Con, Wizard World Texas and Comic-Con International. I may try and hit the Emerald City Con this year but that is still up in the air.

Photography wise, I’m about half way through shooting for my next book collection. I’ve worked with some very talented models this year. But I’m not shooting nearly as much as I would like; mainly due to location issues. With any luck I will be able to set up a half dozen shoots next year and just about wrap up a second collection. I heard a great title the other day ‘The Shadow of a Nipple’… could work.
I hope everyone has a great holiday season and a safe New Years.


Pulp cover gallery

Happened upon this site today and thought I'd share the link. It's a rather large gallery of archived pulp covers. I wish the scans were a little larger, but the overall selection is fantastic. Plenty of inspiration to be found in this site. The site is in French, but it's still fairly easy to navigate.


Carey Malloy is adapting Tag for Univsersal

According to ComingSoon.net, Universal Pictures has hired Carey Malloy to adapt Tag, a horror comic book published by Boom! Studios, says The Hollywood Reporter. Marc Platt is producing the adaptation along with Ross Richie and Andrew Cosby via their Boom Entertainment Inc.

The story is set in motion when an average Joe strolls down the street after a fight with his girlfriend and a random stranger tags him, handing off an ancient pagan curse. He begins to literally die, seeing his body decompose every day before his eyes. Cursed, he must either surrender or find the next victim to tag.

The comic book was written by comics veteran Keith Giffen and drawn by Kody Chamberlain.

Malloy Adapting Horror Comic Tag
Source: The Hollywood Reporter
December 14, 2006



Spotted this online today, looks to be a MySpace type site, but focused on comics. Worth a look.

I opened an account today and already have a few comic pals: http://www.comicspace.com/kody/

Jonathan Hickman is on the blog!

Many of you have seen his work on the new Image Comic "the nightly NEWS" and you're aware that Hickman is a very talented and innovative creator. I'm honored to welcome him to the blog and look forward to his posts. For more information on Hickman and his work, check out his: website | blog | message board

Shout Outs

Just a few things I wanted to share this week.

• Hero Foundry has a sketchbook to benefit the New Orleans library system. A good idea for a good cause. I did a zombie Superman in the sketchbook during the Wizard Dallas convention last month. So visit:
Hero Foundry site
The Beat news release
Place your bid on eBay

• Mike Mignola live on Fanboy Radio.

• Sean Phillips is doing almost daily blogs about Criminal and his other work.

• Watch the amazing Al Hirschfeld draw on YouTube.

• Paul Pope is still awesome.

• Von Glitschka has given birth to a new Podcast: The Illustrative Designer Podcast. Includes an iTunes Podcast subscription link.

• Check out Toby Keller's Travel Sketchbooks


Elk's Run in Previews Now

Hey Gang,

In case y’all’ve been living under a rock, the Seven Time Harvey Award Nominated, Critically Acclaimed, Underground Sensation, Elk’s Run is being released by Villard Books, a division of Random House Publishing. Finally the complete series will be collected under one cover.

It feels incredibly good to say that.

The book has a flashy new introduction by beloved novelist (and Moon Knight writer) Charlie Huston, a brand new cover by Noel and Scott, and the complete story of Elk’s Run, remastered (thanks in no small part to Jaco) and ready to be enjoyed. It’s been a harrowing experience to say the least, and each and every one of you have played a part in seeing it come to fruition.

Of course, being the needy bastard I am, I have yet another request for you.

The book has hit Diamond Previews, meaning it’s available for order at your local comic book shop. The book will also be available at your local (and internet) book store, but, it’s nice to support the folks who supported the book the first time out.

If you’d like to find your local comic book shop, I’d recommend going here: http://comicshoplocator.com/

Once you’re there, simply ask the kind and friendly retailer to order you a copy of Elk’s Run from Villard. The order number for the book is DEC06 3960.Again, thank you all for your support, and I can not wait for y’all to see what we have an in store for you this coming March.


Impaler Interview

I did a pretty extensive interview with Broken Frontier last week. Discusses a lot of things that we're trying to with Impaler, how we're approaching it, and some of our future plans for the book.



Eddie Campbell has launched a blog!

Eddie Campbell has launched a blog, and based on the title, it looks to be tied to his book 'The Fate of the Artist'. Worth a look.

The Fate of the Artist, The, Collector's Edition: Collector's Edition