Death Dealier art missing!

Got this info from Jay Fotos, thought I'd repost it here to try and help:

"We are missing two pieces of ORIGINAL Death Dealer comic art, if you see any DD comic art being sold please contact myself or Nat Jones.
We have some conspiracy theories, but to let all our friends know and watch out for it is the best way to ever get the art back or find out who took it.

Please keep an eye out.


Jay Fotos


Actual Grindhouse trailer up at Yahoo

Spike previewed some clips from Grindhouse during the Scream Awards, and now here's what looks to be the first official trailer from the new Tarantino / Rodriguez double feature. Enjoy.


End of 2006 / Beginning of 2007 report

A little early for a year-end report, but my wife has the week off between Christmas and New Years off work and I’m going to try very hard to do nothing but spend time with her during that week. Which means I need to get everything done this week.

2006 has been a very special year for me. I’ve spent the majority of it (3/4ths of the year) writing full-time. Which is an improvement over 2005, which was only 2/3rds of the year. Also 2006 saw the publication of 30 Days of Night: Dead Space, I Am Spartacus, Monkey vs. Lemur, and Actor Comics Presents. I think the second Event Horizon also came out this year but I’m not 100% sure on that.

Also, before the year rolls away, 30 Days of Night: Spreading the Disease will hit the stands. This is a big mini-series in the sense that neither Steve Niles nor Ben Templesmith are involved. I feel like I’m taking my parents new car out for a cruise and happened into a demolition derby.

Things to look for from me in 2007:
30 Days of Night: Spreading the Disease – 5 issues from IDW Publishing
The Unusual Suspects – Graphic novel from Top Cow for the Hero Initiative
Unravel – 4 issues from Image Comics/Shadowline
Phantom Chronicles – Short story from Moonstone this spring/summer.
St. Christopher’s Junior Mystery Detective League – Actionopolis kid’s book.
Strange Cases – 6 issues from Image Comics and Steve Niles.

There are a few other projects in the works but they’re not locked in yet. So keep your fingers crossed for me.

I will be hitting the convention circuit starting in January at the Phoenix Cactus Convention. I should also be attending Wizard World Los Angeles, Wonder Con, Wizard World Texas and Comic-Con International. I may try and hit the Emerald City Con this year but that is still up in the air.

Photography wise, I’m about half way through shooting for my next book collection. I’ve worked with some very talented models this year. But I’m not shooting nearly as much as I would like; mainly due to location issues. With any luck I will be able to set up a half dozen shoots next year and just about wrap up a second collection. I heard a great title the other day ‘The Shadow of a Nipple’… could work.
I hope everyone has a great holiday season and a safe New Years.


Pulp cover gallery

Happened upon this site today and thought I'd share the link. It's a rather large gallery of archived pulp covers. I wish the scans were a little larger, but the overall selection is fantastic. Plenty of inspiration to be found in this site. The site is in French, but it's still fairly easy to navigate.


Carey Malloy is adapting Tag for Univsersal

According to ComingSoon.net, Universal Pictures has hired Carey Malloy to adapt Tag, a horror comic book published by Boom! Studios, says The Hollywood Reporter. Marc Platt is producing the adaptation along with Ross Richie and Andrew Cosby via their Boom Entertainment Inc.

The story is set in motion when an average Joe strolls down the street after a fight with his girlfriend and a random stranger tags him, handing off an ancient pagan curse. He begins to literally die, seeing his body decompose every day before his eyes. Cursed, he must either surrender or find the next victim to tag.

The comic book was written by comics veteran Keith Giffen and drawn by Kody Chamberlain.

Malloy Adapting Horror Comic Tag
Source: The Hollywood Reporter
December 14, 2006



Spotted this online today, looks to be a MySpace type site, but focused on comics. Worth a look.

I opened an account today and already have a few comic pals: http://www.comicspace.com/kody/

Jonathan Hickman is on the blog!

Many of you have seen his work on the new Image Comic "the nightly NEWS" and you're aware that Hickman is a very talented and innovative creator. I'm honored to welcome him to the blog and look forward to his posts. For more information on Hickman and his work, check out his: website | blog | message board

Shout Outs

Just a few things I wanted to share this week.

• Hero Foundry has a sketchbook to benefit the New Orleans library system. A good idea for a good cause. I did a zombie Superman in the sketchbook during the Wizard Dallas convention last month. So visit:
Hero Foundry site
The Beat news release
Place your bid on eBay

• Mike Mignola live on Fanboy Radio.

• Sean Phillips is doing almost daily blogs about Criminal and his other work.

• Watch the amazing Al Hirschfeld draw on YouTube.

• Paul Pope is still awesome.

• Von Glitschka has given birth to a new Podcast: The Illustrative Designer Podcast. Includes an iTunes Podcast subscription link.

• Check out Toby Keller's Travel Sketchbooks


Elk's Run in Previews Now

Hey Gang,

In case y’all’ve been living under a rock, the Seven Time Harvey Award Nominated, Critically Acclaimed, Underground Sensation, Elk’s Run is being released by Villard Books, a division of Random House Publishing. Finally the complete series will be collected under one cover.

It feels incredibly good to say that.

The book has a flashy new introduction by beloved novelist (and Moon Knight writer) Charlie Huston, a brand new cover by Noel and Scott, and the complete story of Elk’s Run, remastered (thanks in no small part to Jaco) and ready to be enjoyed. It’s been a harrowing experience to say the least, and each and every one of you have played a part in seeing it come to fruition.

Of course, being the needy bastard I am, I have yet another request for you.

The book has hit Diamond Previews, meaning it’s available for order at your local comic book shop. The book will also be available at your local (and internet) book store, but, it’s nice to support the folks who supported the book the first time out.

If you’d like to find your local comic book shop, I’d recommend going here: http://comicshoplocator.com/

Once you’re there, simply ask the kind and friendly retailer to order you a copy of Elk’s Run from Villard. The order number for the book is DEC06 3960.Again, thank you all for your support, and I can not wait for y’all to see what we have an in store for you this coming March.


Impaler Interview

I did a pretty extensive interview with Broken Frontier last week. Discusses a lot of things that we're trying to with Impaler, how we're approaching it, and some of our future plans for the book.



Eddie Campbell has launched a blog!

Eddie Campbell has launched a blog, and based on the title, it looks to be tied to his book 'The Fate of the Artist'. Worth a look.

The Fate of the Artist, The, Collector's Edition: Collector's Edition


Steve Niles weighs in on the 30 Days of Night film.

Steve weighs in on what he's seen on the film production so far. There are also links available to the other video blogs, mostly from David Slade. My Optimism grows.


Impaler Reviews

The reviews for Impaler are starting to come in, and they've been extremely positive. I have to admit that considering the sheer amount of time I've spent on this book (it's now going on three-plus years), it's extremely gratifying to hear that people really like the book. Issue # 2 goes on sale on November 22th. Be sure to look for it!

"Impaler deftly restores the bloodsuckers--and their figurehead, Vlad Dracula--to absolutely epic creatures-of-the-night. Buy this book, or I'll cancel your Rue Morgue subscription!"
--Rue Morgue Magazine

"Impaler begins a new ongoing at Image that, one hopes, can do for vampires what The Walking Dead did for zombies. Rating: A."

"Dark, foreboding and a great read. Rating: Must Read."
--IGN Comics

"Writer William Harms gives us what might be the freshest reinterpretation of the vampire mythos in years, but the real wow factor of this book is the standout art by Toronto’s Nick Postic and Nick Marinkovich. The mood is dark and creepy thanks to the Nicks’ use of shades and shadows and the impending bloodfest over the coming issues promises to be spectacular. Rating: 4 Stars (out of 4)."
--Metro (Toronto)

"[Impaler] has an amazing pull for a premier issue, superb narrative and the best dialog outside of Alias I've read."

Jock gives a step by step on cover design over on the Newsarama blog.

Spotted a great step by step cover illustration and design by Jock. Jock is an amazing artist and has the ability to simplify without loosing believability in his characters. Worth checking out.

Convention commission: Zombie DareDevil

I always do a lot of commissions at conventions and rarely ever see them once I finish them. This past weekend I did one that actually got scanned and sent back to me. So here's one of the few commission sketches that's shown up in my InBox. It's a zombie DareDevil I did while me and Dan Wickline signed at the Lone Star Comics booth at WizardWorld Dallas.


Quick signing in Chandler AZ November 8th

Attention anyone in the Chandler Arizona area. As part of our road trip, Tone Rodriguez and I will be stopping off at the Atomic Comics in Chandler to do a one-hour signing before heading back out on our way to Dallas. Please come by and see us.

That’s this Wednesday, Nov 8th from 6 to 7 pm at the Atomic Comics in Chandler AZ.

Follow the link for directions.


Newsarama Interview

An interview I did with Newsarama about the new 30 Days of Night: Spreading the Disease series has just been posted. I also get to talk about two other projects that will be coming out next year and there's some preview art for STD.

Come by and see it.



Wizard World Dallas

This Wednesday, Tone Rodriguez and I will be climbing into my truck and heading off to Dallas, Texas. We'll be bring along a talented artist named Tess Fowler and a video camera to document the adventure.

At the show I will be in Artist Alley at table 2580 and spending some time on Saturday at the Lone Star Comics booth. I'll have copies of I AM SPARTACUS and 30 DAYS OF NIGHT: DEAD SPACE plus a few other older titles. I'm also trying to put together a preview of 30 DAYS OF NIGHT: SPREADING THE DISEASE #1 that comes out early next month.

Come by and say 'hi'.


Venice Is Sinking

Just wanted to give everyone a sneak peek of a new project I'm doing with Mario Boon and JM Ringuet called Venice Is Sinking. I used to spend my summers in Italy, so I'm very excited to be crafting a graphic novel based in the historic city. Mario and I have done quite a bit of research to make sure the book is as authentic as possible. The key is to not let the research, however, bog down the story. I'll post more news about it soon, but for now let me leave with a teaser image...


Making of a newspaper strip — step by step

Found a great 42 page step by step of the creation of the newspaper strip 'For Better or for Worse'. It's a very interesting look behind the scenes on putting together the strip, and photos of the work environment for each person in the creative team. Worth a read if you're even remotely interested in the creation of these types of strips. Specifics are given throughout the walkthrough.


Cover Browser!

Since I'm working on a couple of covers at the moment (and hoping to do more), I've been doing a lot of studying of great cover designs through the years. While doing my research, I spotted the Cover Browser today and thought I'd share. It's a site with a fairly good selection of great covers over the years. Scans could be slightly larger, but overall it's a great little site.

If anyone else knows of a great cover gallery site, please drop links below, I intend to build up a library of images just incase these sites go down.




It's been a long and crazy road, but Impaler finally sees release tomorrow. Thus far, the response has been better that we could've ever hoped for, so I'm hopeful that I'll be writing this book for a long, long time. Please pick up a copy and let me know what you think!


Spike's Scream Awards on tonight!

Just a reminder for those interested, Spike is running their Scream Awards tonight. The Scream Awards cover horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and comic books. Here's the link to the official site. If you don't want to watch the show, and you'd rather have the winners asap, that info is up as well.


Frank Miller's 300 movie trailer is up

I'm a big fan of Frank Miller's 300, so I'm looking forward to the film adaptation. The visuals look fantastic, so hopefully the story holds up. Have a look at the official trailer HERE.


24 Hour Comics Day

This Saturday, October 7, is 24 Hour Comics Day. The objective, should you choose to participate, is to make a 24 page comic book from the ground up. This sounds pretty challenging, but I'm taking the plunge. You can find me at Austin Books & Comics in Austin, Texas. And bring coffee.

For more info: http://www.24hourcomics.com/

And to learn about a damn good comics store: http://www.austinbooks.com/index.html

And for more: http://www.absolutetyrant.com/

You gotta love Mondays. - Rob


Tizzles and Updates...

Firstly, sorry for the lack of updates, but September has been a hectic month, with the finishing of a five-part series for one publisher, the scripting of Robin Hood - Outlaw's Pride for Walker Books, and most importantly finishing adapting the sequential parts of The Tizzle Sisters & Erik for Markosia - editing down G.P. Taylor's original book into a 50/50 mix of prose and sequential pages (art by Dan Boultwood) - which comes out in a month.

So the Tizzle Sisters & Erik has gone to print, and the cover has finally been released to the public.

Created by Harry Potter artist Cliff Wright, the picture shows the two sisters in wait for Erik on a cold morning - and the back cover has the more familliar depiction by Dan Boultwood.

Click on the image to see a bigger version...

Expect to see this in your bookstore sometime in late October / Early November.

I'll update soon with a better idea of what's happening elsewhere in Tonyland.


David Slade on Storyboarding, and the comic book medium.

I think the importance directors place on storyboarding is really one of the keys to why comics work as a medium. The visualization of a story on paper is very pure and direct. In this new clip, David Slade talks a little about his views on storyboarding and how it solves the major creative problems of making a film. This is where the decisions are made and this is where the real creativity happens.

I'm not sure if comic fans are fully aware of the link between storyboarding and comic books, but the two art forms are very closely related and many storyboard artists are also comic book artist. The connection is important and really deserves a closer look by students of either art form.

I think the glamour of modern filmmaking is in effects and digital animation, but for the most part, the effects teams are simply recreating and expanding on ideas, characters and compositions originally created by the storyboard artist. Pop in one of your Pixar DVDs and have a look at the storyboards in the special features.

Pencil on paper. This is where the magic happens in almost every creative industry. Graphic novels and comics, one of the few industries that delivers a visual story in it's purest form.


Phoenix Cactus Comicon this weekend.

I will be at the Phoenix Cactus Convention this weekend... oddly in Mesa, Arizona. Some of the guest: Amanda Conner, Justin Gray, Marat Mychaels, Brian Pulido, Steve Niles, Tim Bradstreet, Terry Austin, Nat Jones, Steve Rude and Tim Vigil... should be one hell of a show. I'll have some copies of I Am Spartacus for sale and maybe more.

If you're goin to be in the area, come by and say "HI".


New 30 Days in Previews

30 Days of Night: Spreading the Disease #1
Dan Wickline (w), Alex Sanchez (a), Jones, Sanchez (c)
Crawling from the wreckage of 30 Days of Night: Dead Space is this latest five-part continuation of the 30 Days of Night saga. In part one of Spreading The Disease, Agent Michael Henson had all the evidence he needed to prove to the world that vampires exist... until the government took it all away. Now, urged on by a mysterious "friend," Henson must follow a path of carnage and gore in hopes of finding the answer to why anyone would want to put a vampire into space, with his only lead being to follow the fangs. Dan Wickline (30 Days of Night: Dead Space), Alex Sanchez (Doomed) and Jay Fotos ( Clive Barker's The Great and Secret Show) bring you this stunning tale of mystery and horror, with alternate covers provided by Nat Jones (30 Days of Night 2005 Annual).
*Covers will be shipped in a 1-to-1 ratio.
*Retailers: See your order form for special incentives
FC • 32 pages • $3.99


Book Signing--Shreveport, Saturday the 23rd

If by chance any of you good chaps tuning into our evil broadcasts live close to Shreveport, Louisiana, Kody and I will be signing comics this Saturday, the 23rd, at Excalibur Comics. The shop is located at 802 E. 70th street. Rob Guillory will be there too!


A.C.T.O.R. changes name to The Hero Initiative.

Probably a good idea. The acronym A.C.T.O.R. does seem to indicate the organization helps actors. Thought I'd help spread the word on the name change.

LOS ANGELES, CA (September 4, 2006) – After five years of serving many deserving men and women within the comics industry, A Commitment To Our Roots (A.C.T.O.R.) Comic Fund is changing its name. The new name, The Hero Initiative – complete with new logo – will open its doors to operate in all markets, both comics fans and general consumers alike, in its mission to raise funds to deliver assistance to comic book creators in need.

"I think we did a very good job of establishing 'brand identity' for A.C.T.O.R. within the comic market. But as soon as we took the mission outside the village of comics, you'd see confusion in people's eyes,” said Jim Mclauchlin, president of The Hero Initiative. “The 'Hero' concept is one that ties very, very closely to comics, and resonates well. It lets everyone know what we're about."



More ACTOR COMICS Presents...

ACTOR Comics Presents...

Check out the Newsarama boards for a peek at the ACTOR Comics benefit book, previewing my six-page collaboration with C.B. Cebulski of Marvel and Image Comics fame. Oddly enough, I'm the only artist whose art is previewed, so get on over and check it out. It was fun as hell to do.

The ACTOR benefit book is hitting shelves on Sept. 13. It's loaded with tons of legendary talent, including Stan Lee, Paul Dini and Mark Waid just to name a few. So, appearing in the same book with those guys is an honor in itself.



Mark Millar has an interesting essay up on News-A-Rama

It's all about comic booms and busts, and our current trend based on the historical patterns of the industry. It's a great read with some fantastic insight and a bit of speculation. Worth a read if you have any interest in making a living in the comic industry.

Here's the article!


Artist of the day - Nick Stakal

You may know Nick's work from IDW's Hyde, Containment or Silent Hill. He's currently working on Strange Girl at Image Comics with writer Rick Remender. I've been seeing preview art from the series and it's Nick's best work so far! Amazing use of texture and line. Here's a Rick Remender interview about Strange Girl with a few sneak peeks at Nick's work on the series.

Be sure to add Strange Girl to your pull list, it's an amazing looking book.

Pick up some of Nick's previous work on Amazon.com:

Nick Stakal's official website


Technology update - could digital comics actually become pleasant to read?

One of my big gripes with digital comics is that I simply don't like reading on screen. I'll often print long emails and web text to read on paper because it's a more pleasant reading experience. Since getting my Powerbook a few years ago, which has an amazing LCD display, it's been a little better, but still not on the same level as reading comics (or text) on paper.

I've read articles before on flexible paper-like e-book displays and I'm absolutely excited about the technology. So now LG Philips is showing their prototypes of the flexible e-book displays and the negative seems to be that it's mostly useless for video and other highly dynamic content, but that also means it should be perfect for presenting comic content. The future of digital comic and quality presentation looks promising.


Here's the source article:

LG Philips LCD presented prototype of 14.1-inch WXGA flexible E-book at IMID 2006 under cooperation with E-ink. Unlike conventional LCD TVs, it needs power when it turns pages.

A researcher at LG Philips LCD said that it is possible to produce any slim E-book with this flexible display depending on the thickness of stainless steel. However, due to relatively slow response time (300ms), it can be good for making E-book whereas it would not be appropriate for playing video files.



Interview: Ross Richie talks about BOOM! Studios.

WordBalloon.com has an interview with Ross Richie, the man behind BOOM! Studios. I just listened to it, and they cover a lot of ground. The range of books, the last year in review, conventions, and where BOOM! is headed. Some great stuff worth throwing on your iPod to check out on your way to the flea market.

Hear that interview HERE!


ACTOR Comics Presents:

I had the honor to participate in this amazing anthology coming out next month called ACTOR Comics Presents. It's a 152 page anthology featuring names like: Stan Lee, Joseph Lisner, Mark Waid, Paul Dini, Dave Sim, Dan Jurgens, Ron Marz, Michael Avon Oeming, Dick Gordiano and many more.

I have a three page story in it called The Manical Mr. Oblivion that was drawn by Desiree Rincon and inked by Rob Hunter. It's a fun little story about a villain and his desire to kill his arch-enemy.

The book will premiere at the Baltimore Con on Sept 9th and then be in stores on Sept 13th.

All proceeds from this book will go to ACTOR: A Commitment to Our Roots, a charity organization that helps comic creators in need. So please buy a copy and help out the cause.


Don't forget to be in New Orleans on Saturday.

Be in New Orleans Saturday for the Alternative Media Expo!

I'll be in New Orleans on August 19th at the Alternative Media Expo with signed editions of the TAG comic, 30 Days of Night: Bloodsucker Tales, sketches, prints, shirts, etc. I'll also be showing sneak peeks of a few new upcoming projects including Punks, and some other top sectet stuff.

I've done the last couple of Expos in New Orleans and they're fantastic. Lots of comics represented, T-Shirt designers, jewelry makers, indy films, zines, street artists, etc. It's well worth the trip if you're in the area.

Click below for additional info:

Here's some photos from last year's event:



Press Release about the event:

Alternative Media Expo!

Yes, we are officially out of space at the Alternative Media Expo! Our official press release:

For immediate release-7/21/06

ANTIGRAVITY: Your New Orleans Music & Culture Alternative is proud to announce its ALTERNATIVE MEDIA EXPO is set for Saturday, August 19th at the Howlin' Wolf!

The AME is in its fifth edition (four twice-a-year events from 6/03-4/05 make up its previous rounds) and features over 50 exhibitors with 'zines, comics, films, handmade and original clothing, independent CDs and records, indie and grassroots organizations and much more!

The AME is sponsored by the Charitable Film Network, Dirty Coast, The New Orleans Craft Mafia and NOLAFugees.com.  The first 250 attendees will receive a swag bag created by the Craft Mafia.

The special guest of the Expo is Treme-based writer Mat Schwarzman, author of The Beginner's Guide To Community-Based Arts.  Some exhibitors include:

-Beginner's Guide To Community-Based Arts writer Mat Schwarzman

-BOOM! Studios and IDW Publishing comic book artist Kody Chamberlain

-Mathilda artist Tedd Walley

-Punish The Dead creator Toby Craig

-You Chose Right The First Time writer Chris Nicholas

-ANTIGRAVITY Film Writer James Jones' ReelFellas.com

-New Orleans-based art and design journal Constance

-New Orleans Filmmakers

-Kill Time Productions

The AME is modeled after national comic conventions, like San Diego's Comic-Con but more like San Francisco's Alternative Press Expo, but with other types of media included.  The point of the Expo is to provide media makers an opportunity to network while exposing attendees to product and another things that mainstream media either ignores or doesn't properly cover.

When: Saturday, August 19th, 4pm-10pm

Where: The Howlin' Wolf (907 South Peters)

Cover: $5

Contact: Leo McGovern

E-Mail: leo@antigravitymagazine.com

Phone: 504.881.7508

All our exhibitors:

504 Whatstyle, Adornments by Draillia, ANTIGRAVITY, Ashe' Cultural Arts Center, Backporch Revolution, Blank The Plague, Bluecamp Arts, Caesar Meadows, Calamity's Ball, Cecelia Hopes, Chris Nicholas, Clothes Rock, Constance, Corey Sanders, Crossroads Project, daFa Fungus, Defend New Orleans, Dismantled Designs, Dirty Coast, Goldfish Jewelry Designs, Humid Beings, Impulss, Iron Rail Bookstore/Library, Itchy Stitches, Jazzy Knits, KK-NOLA, Kelly Baugh, Kick It Fashions, Kill Time Productions, Kina's Kreations, Kody Chamberlain, Live New Orleans, Les Moutons Roses, Mana Media, Media Underground Comics, Midnight Girl, Ms. Placed, New Orleans Filmmakers, New Orleans Network, New Orleans Voices For Peace, NOLA Fugees, NOLA Tonight, Penguin Productions, Reel Fellas, Rising Tide Blogger Conference, Rox, Shutter Magazine, Sigh Co., Spirit Of Humanity Festival, Tedd Walley, Thaddeus Conti, Timecode: NOLA, Toby Craig, Unique Products, Watermark  


Rob Osborne Lives!

Hey Comic Lovers. Rob Osborne here. Alive. Coming to you from Texas.

To those of you who are asking, "Rob who?", may I introduce myself. I'm the award-winning, monkey-lovin', machiavellian mastermind behind 1000 STEPS TO WORLD DOMINATION. You'll also find my geezer-powered graphic novella SUNSET CITY: FOR ACTIVE SENIOR LIVING on Amazon and at other fine comics retailers.

Currently, I am holed up in a dark apartment just outside of Austin. I recently left Arizona, my home for 20-some years, and I'm without the comforts of my computer, drawing table, and eye patch until my new house is finished. Don't cry for me. Just know that I won't be at full strength here at Creator Direct, or really anywhere else, until this move is complete.

Under dreadful conditions, I am hard at work on my latest comics projects. Till next time, go forth and get yourself a copy of 1000 STEPS. And learn how to conquer the world through comics. Or come by the website: www.absolutetyrant.com

Go Forth & Conquer,



Impaler @ IGN

IGN Comics has just posted an interview with me where I talk about Impaler. Lots of cool tidbits about the book.

Digital Webbing Presents #32

Getting ready to solicit Digital Webbing Presents #32 with Diamond on Monday. Man, it's hard to believe it'll be 5 years ago since issue #1 was published. An anthology by a small press outfit lasting that long? Who would have thunk it?

Digital Webbing Presents started out as a showcase for new talent to show off their skills. The comic was published in B/W until issue #19 which featured a full-color Steve Niles and Kody Chamberlain story. Some of the talent right here on Creator Direct have appeared in the anthology; Kody Chamberlain, Chris Kirby, Dan Wickline, Troy Wall and even Tony Lee.

Pros who have contributed to the series include; Scott Morse, Michael Moorcock, Eric Powell, Christopher Golden, Steve Niles, Nick Bradshaw, Bill Presing, Bernie Wrightson, Peter Laird, Jay Faerber, Ron Fortier, Franchesco, Chris Eliopoulos and many others!

The series originally had a pay-to-play model where creators helped pitch in for printing expenses and received their share of copies to sell at conventions and restock local shops. I basically killed that model around issue 19 when we switched to full color. Since issue #29, the main feature has been the Fist of Justice, a character I co-created with writer Mike Imboden. Reaction towards the character have been pretty positive so far, so the plan is to continue until we run out of stories.

Thanks for reading!


Who's coming to Wizard World Texas?

November 10th - 12th. I'll be there all week previewing new stuff and selling old stuff. Should be a cool hang, so make sure you're there!


Arlington Convention Center http://www.arlingtoncc.com/

Click here to purchase tickets.


To Be Announced

Any questions please email us at

Guest list subject to change. Signatures are not guaranteed. Additional fees may apply. Some guests charge a fee for signatures.


Hello all you happy people.

Since Kody was so nice and to invite me over, I figure its about time I hopped on and said hello. I am very honored to be asked to join this group.... there are some incredibly talented individuals here.

I'll be back later with more... but for now, here's a link to an interview I just did for 30 Days of Night: Spreading the Disease.



David Slade comments on 30 Days of Night film progress

Check out the Ghost House Pictures site to check out a brief video clip from David Slade, and other information on the film. I'd imagine they're going to update the site as new information comes in.

All Dan Wickline's base are belong to us.

Just added Dan Wickline to the blog!

Look for Dan Wickline on the upcoming 30 Days of Night: Spreading the Disease and The Unusual Suspects for ACTOR!

I met Dan years ago through the Niles message board, and then later in person at the Wizard L.A. Comic-Con. Dan is a brilliant writer and had a real eye for character in his stories. He's also a lot of fun to hang out with. Check out his site for more detailed project information, Dan has his hand in a million different projects.

Guess Who

Erik Larsen's column at CBR is always a good read. I laughed my ass off this morning when I read this particular excerpt:

"I had a friend years back that was a habitual liar. He lied about everything - even things nobody cared about, even things that didn't affect anybody. He was an artist that later got in a position where he could give people work. He lied about his birthday because he wanted to still be one of the young guys in comics - he lied about jobs that were never mailed and checks that were never mailed and he left a path of destruction in his wake. He'd tell fans that he'd hire them in order to get them to leave him alone during a convention and then he'd conveniently lose their phone numbers and never take their calls. He'd promise huge page rates and not come through with the money. He'd hire folks to output film and stiff them. He'd go from one printer to the next leaving unpaid bills behind him.

His sunny smile and boyish charm got him more second chances than any thirty men deserve. And what could these guys do? Living in Canada, it was a hassle to sue, so they'd take pennies on the dollar when it was eventually offered.

This buddy swears, to this day, that he left our company of his own free will even though the rest of us know otherwise. He left, like Richard Nixon left, when the writing was on the wall and there were no other options. He claims otherwise, but some folks at this outfit are notorious pack rats and it might surprise him to find a phone bill from a party call and a faxed resignation with a date attached in our possession that clearly indicate that he is being less than truthful.
What's the point? What was gained?

This fellow used to solicit books and he'd decide whether he should draw them based on the orders they received. The 90-day return policy comics had at the time was used and abused by this individual."

Isn't it amazing how different things were back in the early-mid 90's? How easy it was to abuse the system, and, more importantly, how often it WAS actually abused? I'll say this--I'm not a hater...but it does make me throw up in my mouth a little to know that this individual made ridiculous amounts of money abusing the medium that all of us creators work so hard to maintain as a wonderful source of entertainment and valued literature.

I'll end this post with a little food for thought...realize that the person discussed in this post was paid millions, plural, MILLIONS, to reimagine several mainstream Marvel characters in the 90's.

Thank God our industry has changed so much since then and would no longer allow such a cluster fuck to take place.


New comics.

Lots of stuff got announced these last few months, and even more at the San Diego con, and continuing this weekend in Chicago. What upcoming books are you most looking forward to?

A few that come to mind:

Criminal (Brubaker and Phillips)
Iron Fist (Looks interesting)
The Secret (Jason Alexander)
Kickback (David Lloyd)

Tony Lee?

Anyone know where I can find Tony Lee? I can never find him when I need him. IF anyone knows where I can find him, please let me know.


So people can find me...

Several people have asked where I am these says, so here it is -

Web - My Website. Here you'll find any updates, new pages, what's out this month, info about me, etc.

Email - My Email. I don't think I have to explain that one.

News - Actually, this is the main page of my website again, but some people prefer a direct link.

Blog/LJ - This is my Livejournal page. I post more on here because you can filter posts and, more importantly you can cut them down in size with cut tags so large picture posts don't kill your bandwidth.

Forum - My Forum. It's been a bit dead of late though. I'm hoping that'll change soon.

Myspace - My new Myspace account. Well, I've had it over a year, but I'm only playing with it now.

So now you know where I am, you have no excuses. Friend me where relevant.


Just a quick update about Criminal

I posted some info a few days ago about the new crime comic from Brubaker and Phillips called Criminal, I found out today that Sean Phillips is blogging with progress on the comic. Fantastic stuff and very inspirational work. I'm truly looking forward to this one, you should be too! Also note, I've added the blog link in the Unrelated Links section.

Kirby in Chicago

(again, not Jack. Sorry.)

That was a quick two weeks. Here we are on the eve of Wizard World Chicago and I'm scrambling to finish up things I'd promised people for San Diego.

Here's my Chicago info: I'll be in Artist's Alley table # 3160 all four days pimping LOST SQUAD as well as copies of both FREAKSHOW books.

I'll also be signing at the Devil's Due booth # 832 on Friday August 4th from 1pm - 2pm and on Saturday August 5th from 10AM - 11Am.

Come by and say hello.

I tossed up a bit of prose writing over at my personal website cgkirby.com. The site is in (semi-permanent, it seems) redesign. The story is a quick scene that I wrote for a thriller pitch. Click over and check it out.

That Time of Year

Maybe it's just me, but, this time of year is always a bit of a nightmare. San Diego ends up spurring on a slew of "Wow, I thought that would never happen" projects and it becomes a mad dash to get everything done and turned in while the 'iron is hot' except that there's Chicago and Gencon and all of that non-sense that allows editors to remove their shackles and actually see sunshine, albeit only while being transported in cages from unmarked 18 wheelers to the inner sanctum of their corporate booths.*

For me, this is the first year where I actually have more paid more work than I can deal with**, so finding time to deal with all the speculative stuff becomes harder and harder, although every bit as important, because speculative work today equals money in my pocket later. In theory. The other rub for me is that I'm obsessed with being 'on time' for stuff. When I tell someone "You'll have it by Friday" they have it by Friday.***

So, my question to the compatriots here is how do you deal with it?

I've been working 20 hours a day, staying off of messenger, and answering e-mail in bulk chunks at the end of the day, rather than piece meal throughout. That being said, I'm finding that just keeping up correspondence and keeping all the balls in the air is still a challenge (that pesky day job thing hurts too.)

Anyhoot, just thought we could get some dialogue going about prioritizing and meeting deadlines. And, no, Tony, methamphetamines are not the answer.****

* Josh is not implying that all editors are dirty smelly animals. Only Jason Rodriguez.
* *Oh boo-fucking-hoo, poor Joshie-boy's got more work than he can handle. Cry me a river, fatboy.
*** Unless it's Kody and it's that script I still haven't read. Sorry, dude.'
**** Josh by no means advocates Tony Lee Brand Methamphetamines. I've always been more of a Squeemex Brand kinda guy.


More Newsarama...

So Chris Arrant at Newsarama has finally released the third and final part of the interview I did with him, now all the San Diego crazyness has gone past.

In it we discuss Midnight Kiss, where it's been and where it's going and also G.P. Taylor's Tizzle Sisters, which I'm doing with my extremely talented showbiz chum Daniel Boultwood.

You can find the interview HERE.

In other news, I'm sorry if I've been slow to reply to emails, MSN alerts or suchlike - since I got back from New York it's been hectic - before the end of September I have to finish Robin Hood, edit the trade of Midnight Kiss, finish Tizzle Sisters, script five issues of another series which should be announced soon, and start my King Arthur trilogy. Oh, and sort out some edits on Raven's Gate.

I had to do that before I came back with five or six seriously large pitches to do this week. You can see why I've not been out much / answered my email much, yes?

Of course, if I get any one of the main pitches I've been asked to put in this week, expect another interview or two - one will be massive.

Right - back to work, then.

Christopher E. Long is in your longbox.

Christopher E. Long is on the blog! His resume includes X-Men Unlimited, Blackfoot Braves Society, Easy Way (with Andy Kuhn who was added to the blog this week), along with an impressive list of upcoming projects. I got to meet Christopher a few years ago in San Diego while we were both working with IDW Publishing. He's a super talented guy with some fantastic ideas. If you haven't picked up Easy Way, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy. It's one of my favorite books in the last few years.


All hail Andy Kuhn!

Andy Kuhn is on the CreatorDirect.com Blog! Andy has a massive resume and a very unique and innovative style. He's worked on Mantooth, Easy Way, Negative Burn, Grendel: Red, White & Black, 10, FireBreather, and more! Have a peek at this page from Easy Way with writer Christopher E. Long. I got to hang with Andy a little in San Diego at Comic-Con and I've blackmailed him into joining the blog. I've got a few more creators lined up and I hope to get them added in the next week or so. So stay tuned.


Se7en on E! Television Network

Zenescope Entertainment and New Line Cinema's Se7en comic book series was featured at #7 on The Daily 10 show this past July 27 on the E! Television Network. After a lead-in highlighting scenes from the movie Se7en, the Zenescope logo was shown and E! newscasters described how the new series would delve into the mind of villain John Doe.

I about flipped when I saw it. Hopefully the power of television will equate to some crossover interest.


HELP: GEORGE PRATT ARTWORK STOLEN!! - at Comic-Con in San Diego!

On the final day of Comic-Con, Wolverine artist George Pratt bumped into a colleague who just happened to make the comment that George's original painting sales "must be going very well." George denied the suggestion, to which his colleague countered, "I saw a guy in the front row of the auction with your Wolverine painting. Wasn't that a $2,500 piece?" George immediately shuffled through his pile of artwork to discover the painting was, indeed, missing in action.

Pratt was proactive, providing a scan of the artwork and filing a police report. His colleague stated that he can readily identify the thief. Comic-Con executives have been most cooperative in providing the police with security tapes to identify the perpetrator.

"To sit in the front row of the auction with my stolen artwork is unbelievably brazen and disgusting," Pratt said. According to Pratt, the artwork is from Wolverine: Netsuke, Issue #1. It is a pen and ink, watercolor, charcoal and Spar varnish piece. For identification purposes, please see the piece below:

Pratt has hired WriteBrain Media publicist Denise Dorman to get the word (and visual of the art) out to relevant online and print publications to prevent the thief from selling the art to an unsuspecting dealer. Dorman requested, "If anyone has information regarding this theft, please contact me directly and I will get the information to George and the proper authorities." Dorman can be reached via email at denise@writebrainmedia.com or via phone at (630) 845-4694.

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I'll be in New Orleans on Saturday August 19 for the Alternative Media Expo!

I'll be in New Orleans on Saturday, August 19th at the Alternative Media Expo!!!!

I've done the last couple of Expos in New Orleans and they're fantastic. Lots of comics represented, T-Shirt designers, jewelry makers, indy films, zines, street artists, etc.

It's well worth the trip if you're in the area.

Click below for photos and details.

Here's some photos from last year's event:

Visit the ANTIGRAVITY site for more info. Here's the overview:

ANTIGRAVITY's Alternative Media Expo, scheduled for Saturday, August 19th at the new Howlin' Wolf (click here for directions), is well over halfway full.  Prices are $20 for 8ft and $10 for 4ft.  The official registration form can be downloaded here.  Interested vendors with questions can e-mail expo@antigravitymagazine.com or call Leo at 504.881.7508 for more info. 

The Expo is in its fifth installment and features exhibitors with 'zines, comics, photography, t-shirts, web design, films, blogs and other media.  The Expo will run from 4pm to 10pm and the cover price is $5.  Almost every type material is accepted, but if you have questions about whether yours would be, don't hesitate to contact us.

Sponsors for the Expo include the New Orleans Craft MafiaCharitable Film Network, Dirty Coast and NOLAFugees.com.

Some exhibitors include:

-Beginner's Guide To Community-Based Arts writer Mat Schwarzman

-BOOM! Studios and IDW Publishing comic book artist Kody Chamberlain

-Mathilda artist Tedd Walley

-Punish The Dead creator Toby Craig

-You Chose Right The First Time writer Chris Nicholas

-ANTIGRAVITY Film Writer James Jones' ReelFellas.com

-New Orleans-based art and design journal Constance

-New Orleans Filmmakers

-Kill Time Productions

Exhibitors include:

[Humid Beings/Dirty Coast]
Dismantled Designs
Ms. Placed
Sigh Co.
[Caesar Meadows/daFa]
[Kody Chamberlain]
[Toby Craig/Chris Nicholas]
NOLA Fugees
[Ashe' Cultural Arts Center]
[Crossroads Project]
[Spirit of Humanity Festival]
[New Orleans Voices for Peace]
[Shutter Magazine]
[New Orleans Filmmakers]
Backporch Revolution
[Adornments By Draillia]
Kina's Kreations
[Tedd Walley]
Patrick Rills/Icon Studios
Mana Media
[Corey Sanders]
Penguin Productions/Calamity's Ball
[Cecelia Hopes]
Defend New Orleans
Thaddeus Conti
Blank The Plague
NOLA Tonight
Iron Rail Bookstore/Library
Penguin Productions
Unique Products
504 Whatstyle
[Kelly Baugh]
[Timecode: NOLA]
[Bluecamp Arts LLC]
[Goldfish Jewelry Designs]
[Les Moutons Roses]
[Midnight Girl]
Kick It Fashions
New Orleans Network
Jazzy Knits
Itchy Stiches
[Kill Time Productions]

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