All hail Andy Kuhn!

Andy Kuhn is on the CreatorDirect.com Blog! Andy has a massive resume and a very unique and innovative style. He's worked on Mantooth, Easy Way, Negative Burn, Grendel: Red, White & Black, 10, FireBreather, and more! Have a peek at this page from Easy Way with writer Christopher E. Long. I got to hang with Andy a little in San Diego at Comic-Con and I've blackmailed him into joining the blog. I've got a few more creators lined up and I hope to get them added in the next week or so. So stay tuned.


Long said...

Andy is the man! Helluva talent!

eDuke said...

He's a blood-dick, too. :-)

Mike Haseloff said...

Just did a really shonky review of one of the many Kuhn pencilled Adventures comics -- and then decided to google to see what else he actually has done.

Love it. Great energetic lines!
Nice one. B)