Steve Niles weighs in on the 30 Days of Night film.

Steve weighs in on what he's seen on the film production so far. There are also links available to the other video blogs, mostly from David Slade. My Optimism grows.


Impaler Reviews

The reviews for Impaler are starting to come in, and they've been extremely positive. I have to admit that considering the sheer amount of time I've spent on this book (it's now going on three-plus years), it's extremely gratifying to hear that people really like the book. Issue # 2 goes on sale on November 22th. Be sure to look for it!

"Impaler deftly restores the bloodsuckers--and their figurehead, Vlad Dracula--to absolutely epic creatures-of-the-night. Buy this book, or I'll cancel your Rue Morgue subscription!"
--Rue Morgue Magazine

"Impaler begins a new ongoing at Image that, one hopes, can do for vampires what The Walking Dead did for zombies. Rating: A."

"Dark, foreboding and a great read. Rating: Must Read."
--IGN Comics

"Writer William Harms gives us what might be the freshest reinterpretation of the vampire mythos in years, but the real wow factor of this book is the standout art by Toronto’s Nick Postic and Nick Marinkovich. The mood is dark and creepy thanks to the Nicks’ use of shades and shadows and the impending bloodfest over the coming issues promises to be spectacular. Rating: 4 Stars (out of 4)."
--Metro (Toronto)

"[Impaler] has an amazing pull for a premier issue, superb narrative and the best dialog outside of Alias I've read."

Jock gives a step by step on cover design over on the Newsarama blog.

Spotted a great step by step cover illustration and design by Jock. Jock is an amazing artist and has the ability to simplify without loosing believability in his characters. Worth checking out.

Convention commission: Zombie DareDevil

I always do a lot of commissions at conventions and rarely ever see them once I finish them. This past weekend I did one that actually got scanned and sent back to me. So here's one of the few commission sketches that's shown up in my InBox. It's a zombie DareDevil I did while me and Dan Wickline signed at the Lone Star Comics booth at WizardWorld Dallas.


Quick signing in Chandler AZ November 8th

Attention anyone in the Chandler Arizona area. As part of our road trip, Tone Rodriguez and I will be stopping off at the Atomic Comics in Chandler to do a one-hour signing before heading back out on our way to Dallas. Please come by and see us.

That’s this Wednesday, Nov 8th from 6 to 7 pm at the Atomic Comics in Chandler AZ.

Follow the link for directions.


Newsarama Interview

An interview I did with Newsarama about the new 30 Days of Night: Spreading the Disease series has just been posted. I also get to talk about two other projects that will be coming out next year and there's some preview art for STD.

Come by and see it.



Wizard World Dallas

This Wednesday, Tone Rodriguez and I will be climbing into my truck and heading off to Dallas, Texas. We'll be bring along a talented artist named Tess Fowler and a video camera to document the adventure.

At the show I will be in Artist Alley at table 2580 and spending some time on Saturday at the Lone Star Comics booth. I'll have copies of I AM SPARTACUS and 30 DAYS OF NIGHT: DEAD SPACE plus a few other older titles. I'm also trying to put together a preview of 30 DAYS OF NIGHT: SPREADING THE DISEASE #1 that comes out early next month.

Come by and say 'hi'.