Punks page!

Here's a peek at the new Punks book coming up in a few weeks (hopefully before Christmas), :D

If you haven't already pre-ordered the book, please print this graphic and drop it at your local comic shop. Support the cause and what have you.



When was the last time I posted here? I'm not sure, but hey someone beat me to the PopGun pimping. So let me just add that you should check it out because current Criminal Macabre artist Nick Stakal and I collaborated on our submission to the anthology, here's a sneak peak! - CHUCK BB



Image Comics' PopGun Anthology, featuring tons of insanely talented comic folks (and me) hits stands tomorrow. Check it out, peeps. It is indeed the ultimate comics mixtape.

I've got a seven page story in it called
They Shoot Ponies...Don't They? written by Mark Sable (Image Comics' Grounded).

Hit the links below for tons of previews, interviews and ordering info.

PopGun Official Page.
PopGun Ordering Info.
PopGun on CBR.
PopGun on CBR. Again.
PopGun on IGN.
PopGun on MySpace.
PopGun on Newsarama.
PopGun meets Newsarama: The Revenge.


Time for Dexter


And TV show prop will benefit The Hero Initiative

Los Angeles, CA (Oct 27th, 2007) -- The hit Showtime TV series DEXTER has started its second season at full speed, but this Sunday, the show adds a comic touch. The October 28 episode titled “The Dark Defender” will feature cameo appearances by comic writer Dan Wickline (30 Days of Night: Spreading the Disease) and comic artist Tone Rodriguez (The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror)…and one of them doesn’t make it through alive.

The idea of adding these two creative friends was the brainchild of series writer Tim Schlattman, who’s witnessed Dan and Tone’s acidic yet friendly banter first hand. Tim pitched an episode with characters loosely based on the two, and when his concept was green-lit, then suggested using the actual men who inspired the idea. Wickline and Rodriguez will play…you guessed it…two comic creators.

“I’m glad they asked us, and it was a great experience,” said Tone Rodriguez. “I’m sure if they want us back, at least the one that lives, we’d be happy to return.”

Dan Wickline also enjoyed his experience, and had an interesting time with “Dexter” actor Michael C. Hall: “He was joking around with production assistants, and just seemed like a great guy to hang out with,” Wickline said. “Then on the set, he goes from ‘Friendly Dexter’ to ‘Killer Dexter’ with just a look…and I felt just a touch scared.”

Besides the cameos, Tone Rodriguez also provided art that will be featured prominently in the episode.

And YOU can bring home a little of the Dexter experience as well. One of the Wickline/Rodriguez characters dies in the episode, and without saying who (you can find out for yourself this Sunday), you can own one of their last personal effects. A bloody shirt (not real blood, just prop blood, we promise!) worm by the “victim” is being auctioned off via eBay.com with proceeds benefiting The Hero Initiative, the charity that helps older comic creators in medical or financial need. The shirt will be autographed by both Dan Wickline and Tone Rodriguez and is available for auction at:

“Dexter: The Dark Defender” will debut Sunday, October 28th on Showtime.


Willow Creek

Denny Williams and I are co-writing a new 5-issue mini series from Zenescope called Willow Creek. The book will feature art by Josh Medors, a good friend of mine. The first issue will be out in January. A #0 issue is floating around and will probably be online soon.

To say I'm excited is an understatement, as the story delves into themes that have interested me for years. We'll be focusing on Native American lore in relation to the Bigfoot myth. What lies under the surface of this legend is much darker than the town people of Willow Creek realize...


Punks is on the shelf, and a new story is in the works.

Pick up a copy today! If for some reason your shop can't get it, we'll be launching the Punks store in the next couple of days, soon as I can scrape up a few extra hours to finish it up.

In the meantime, pop over to the Punks message board and check out some interviews and reviews of the book.


WizardWorld Chicago

I'll be set up in Artists Alley table # 5514. Drop by and say hi! I'll be doing commissions, sketches, signing books, etc. Word on the street is I'll have a few copies of Punks to show off, but can't sell them since I'll only have a few. But I will have tons of original art and hopefully some new sketchbooks. Trying to steal some time today to get those done.



New site, kids! Check it out here!

(Damn...there are a lotta exclamation points in this post.)


San Diego schedule for Kirby

No booth this year for me. Hoping to do the networking thing.

I will be signing at the Devil's Due booth # 2415 (across from Diamond). I got the early shift this year.

Thursday from 10AM to Noon
Friday from 10AM to Noon
Saturday from 9AM to Noon.

Come by and say hey and buy some Lost Squad comics.


Retailers speak out about cover variants.

ComicsPRO, the direct market’s retailer trade and advocacy group, has released its first official position paper, detailing the group’s desire for positive changes with the solicitation and use of variant covers on comic books.

The opinion paper, which was vetted by ComicsPRO’s position paper committee and then voted on by retailer members, passed with a resounding 90% majority.

"Given the diverse stores, expectations, needs of the individual stores involved, and the overwhelming vote in favor of this position paper, I think it is pretty clear this is an important topic our suppliers should pay close attention to," said Brian Hibbs, owner of San Francisco’s Comix Experience, and chair of the ComicsPRO’s position paper committee.

Carr D’Angelo, owner of Earth-2 Comics in Sherman Oaks CA added "Every retailer deals with variant covers in very individual ways. This position paper passed because it asks publishers to operate in a way that allows each retailer to make the choices best for their stores. Divergent points of view came together in one voice and that's what ComicsPRO is all about."

ComicsPRO is comprised of more than 90 member retailers with more than 130 store-fronts in 30 different states. In addition to advocacy, ComicsPRO goals include encouraging the growth of the comics specialty market and reducing the common costs all retailers incur. More information can be found at ComicsPRO.org.

The complete text of the ComicsPRO official position regarding variant covers follows.

Issue Presented:

Publishers frequently attempt to boost circulation of their comics and graphic novels by printing multiple cover images. While recognizing that multiple covers can be an effective short-term sales boost for publishers and retailers alike, retailers are negatively affected by multiple covers in some circumstances. Since the cover of a comic book or graphic novel is a key sales point, a printing may have very different sell-through rates depending upon the cover image. In many cases, one cover image will remain available for sale at retail while another has sold out. In the current methodology of reordering, retailers are unable to order a single specific cover without ordering superfluous stock because of a 50/50, 3-to-1, or other sales ratio. The current system of offering variant covers without providing a unique identifier for each cover has the propensity to artificially inflate sales numbers of a title while failing to reflect the true sell-through of the given title.

Using variant covers for first printings vs reprints:

ComicsPRO maintains that variant covers of the first printing of products are acceptable so long as each cover offered may be ordered and reordered separately. Implementation of this policy will ensure that retailers can efficiently allocate resources to restock popular cover images without ordering copies of less popular covers. Efficiency inherently leads to a stronger, more competitive and sustainable marketplace.

Offering variant covers of fixed ratio:

ComicsPRO prefers that variant covers be solicited as separate line items to be ordered in any ratio the retailer desires. A cover solicited as a 50/50 split should instead be offered as two separate items. Variants offered on a short-printed cover basis (such as a 1:4 variant) should be solicited on a separate line item even though ordering is dependent on a qualifying order.

The concept of equal ratio offerings should be replaced with split offerings. Unequal ratio offerings should be treated as incentives. This will serve to more accurately reflect the true salability of a title and increase industry efficiency.

Variant covers offered free of charge as purchase incentives should always be listed as separate order line items. These items should also be invoiced independently.

Variant covers and barcodes:

ComicsPRO maintains that each cover of a comic book or trade paperback should be identified with its own unique barcode. The proliferation of point of sale systems within the industry has created a reliance on accurate and complete barcodes for each item. Unique barcodes for each cover allow precise tracking of sales and promotes the accurate calculation of historical sell-through values.


Variant covers can be a valuable strategy to increase short-term profits, but should be implemented in a manner that augments industry efficiency while not increasing publisher revenue at the expense of retailer cash flow. ComicsPRO members prefer to order all products as individual line items. Allowing orders for each cover as a unique line item will enhance our ability to operate effectively and profitably while providing publishers with clear and concise orders for publications that have more than one cover.

Request for Action:

ComicsPRO requests that all publishers offer all variants, limited or otherwise, as separate line item codes in accordance with the foregoing descriptions. This would include any comic, graphic novel, or trade paperback offered with multiple covers regardless of the ratio of publishing or subsequent printings. ComicsPRO also maintains that each cover be issued with a unique barcode.


Kody's pre-convention update!

First off, big news from Hollywood last week (Variety):

 Paramount Pictures has preemptively purchased the film rights to Boom Studios' upcoming comicbook "The Foundation." Andrew Cosby and Ross Richie, founders and owners of Boom, are producing the adaptation for Par. Boom publishes comicbooks and graphic novels.

"Foundation," a five-issue miniseries created by Kody Chamberlain, revolves around efforts to stop the unpublished prophecies of Nostradamus from coming to pass.

Boom title is the third to which Cosby and Richie have sold the film rights; rights to "Talent" and "Tag" went to Universal. Boom was launched 18 months ago.

Cosby also co-created the series "Eureka" on the Sci Fi Channel.

Second, Punks is done and off to the printer. Fingers crossed, I should have books with me in Chicago. If not, I'll make sure I work up an ashcan or something. But so far it's looking good. Here's a peek at the limited edition cover variant. Josh and I are already talking about doing a Christmas special, no concrete plans yet, just talk. I'll post an update on that once we figure it out. We do have some extra copies of the book coming for all the slackers out there that didn't pre-order, but quantities are limited and it's a pain in the butt to ship this stuff out. But we'll throw a few up on the Punks website when they show up.

Third, I completed a Beowulf graphic novel adaptation for Harper Collins and it's looking like a September release. The story was adapted by the lovely and talented Stephen Petrucha. The project was colored by Scott Keating and lettered by Kel Nuttall.

Fourth, been chipping away at a 1930's crime comic with writer Clark Westerman called Pretty, Baby, Machine. I do believe we'll have a few preview copies on hand in San Diego, but since I won't have an actual table, keep an eye out for the Hard-Boiled Comics table in the Comic-Con program guide.

Fifth, wrapping up the first issue of a new Spacedog book called Wight and Associates written by Rob Levin. Some tweaks to make to the first issue, and coloring is in progress. I'm hoping to get started on the second book next week. Here's a peek at one of the pages from that first issue.

As for San Diego, I don't have a table or a booth this year, so I'll be floating around a few different places. Look for me at the BOOM! Studios booth, and possibly at the Hard-Boiled Comics booth. If all goes well, I'll be set up with a full booth next year and avoid the royal pain in the ass of getting into Artists Alley and dealing with the red tape and politics of the whole thing.

I will be in Chicago for the Wizard Con, and I do have a table in Artists Alley. I'll be packing as much new content as I can, but please shoot mean email if you want a specific original art page or some of my older work. I'm probably going to pack light.


Troy's Update

I'm such a techno-tard that I don't even know how to scale pictures and include them in my posts. How 'bout dem apples?

Man, I am so unbelievably proud of the growth and achievements being made by my fellow creator direct'ers. Any of you cats and kittens read the collected edition of Josh's ELK'S RUN? You should--it's a refreshingly original piece of work.

And how about the upcoming PUNKS: SUMMER SPECIAL by Josh and Kody? The variant cover to that book is so hilarious I'd post it up for you right now. But life is like a box of chocolates, and I'm lucky I can even remember how to log on to blogger.

And I'm 24-years old. I know 50-year olds that design websites. Damn that computer age for slipping slipping through my fingers.

As for me, the BLOODRAYNE comics have been coming out pretty regularly. Just a couple weeks from now, on July 11th, the first issue of the new mini-series RED BLOOD RUN will hit the stands. I'm currently writing a spin-off one-shot for an original character to be introduced in the next mini series titled AYANO: SAMURAI IMMORTAL.

It's funny--I've been writing women for so long now that it's actually somewhat difficult for me to get back into writing the male voice. I'm writing a new creator-owned comic in my spare time called AUGUST HOLIDAY: SUPER CRIMINAL TO THE STARS, and I keep wanting to write him from a female perspective.

I need to go funnel some beer, bust some donuts in a fast car and murder some poor fuzzy animal. Get that machismo flowing properly.



Impaler Nominated for IHG Award

This certainly made my day: Impaler has been nominated for the International Horror Guild Award in the Best Illustrated Narrative category. The winners will be announced November 1 at the World Fantasy Convention. Pretty sweet if I say so myself.

If you'd like to know more about the IHG, head over to the official site.


POSTCARDS Delayed and Other Great News

Three weeks. July 17th is the new release date.

This is great news for the book, obviously. You see - now we're going head-to-head with Harry Potter. This way, when Postcards gets crowned the number one book of the year, none of you nay-sayers can say things like, "Oh! But Postcards had a three week head start!"

We're starting at the same time. No handicap. J.K. must be quaking in her muggle boots. People are going to be showing up for their Harry Potter midnight launch party to see the Postcards display and say, "Oh! Postcards came out? I only have twenty bucks on me...next time, Harry, I promise."

It will be a glorious victory. One talked about for many years to come.

Ok, seriously. If anyone can provide me with proof that they went into their bookstore during a Harry Potter Midnight Launch Party and asked for/buys Postcards, I'll make sure that one of my creators gets a sketch postcard mailed out to you or we get you a signed book or something. You can still buy Harry Potter, but if your receipt says Postcards or if you go ahead and make a little film of yourself raising a ruckus because your bookstore doesn't have any Postcards for its Postcards Midnight Launch Party, I will find a way to get something cool to you.


Please spread the word, too. I think this could be fun…


PUNKS interview on Newsarama!

Newsarama posted a recent interview with me and Josh about Punks. Some great info about the history of the project. Give it a read!


Sneak peek at new Jock pages from Green Arrow.

Spotted these on Andy Diggle's ComicSpace page. I'm a big fan of Jock's work, so I'll be adding this book to my pull list.


BOOM! Studios is doing an artist search for Warhammer 40,000!

ATTENTION ALL SEQUENTIAL ARTISTS: Boom! Studios is launching an artist search for their expanding line of comic book projects based on Games Workshop’s immensely popular Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 games.

“Boom! Studios is happy and proud to be working with Games Workshop to create great, high-quality comics set in the Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 universes” says Boom! publisher Ross Richie. “Fan reaction to our current series, Warhammer 40,000: Damnation Crusade, has been enormous, and we’re excited about expanding our line of Warhammer and Warhammer: 40,000 titles. At the moment, our growth is outpacing our ability to find suitable artists for the books.”

“The universes of Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 provide a vast, rich source of great story material, and we need more books to tell those stories,” Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 editor Joe Abraham says. “We’re working closely with Games Workshop to ensure that we produce high quality stories that are true to the details and spirit of the Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 universes, and it’s important that we find the right artists for these projects.”

Artists should submit via email 3-5 pages of sequential artwork, along with contact information, to boom.artist.search@gmail.com.



April 26th, 2007 - Los Angeles, CA -- Independent sensation PUNKS THE COMIC makes its debut in the May issue of Previews, on stands today. This beloved before it's existence book hits stands after a year of perfecting. It turns out that this was time well spent, as the book has been awarded the AWESOME PRIZE FOR AWESOMNESS from the purely fictional AWESOME SOCIETY OF STUTTGART. The A.S.S. (NO LAUGHING! THIS IS SERIOUS) chariman, Freidrich Von Rafaelson said in a funny fake German accent, "Ve are VERY EXCITED about ze release of Punks. It is purely awesome." At the time of press, his accent sounded more Belgian than German.

Due to the staggeringly overwhelming coolness of the book, it has been listed in Diamond Previews FOUR times. You will find it under Digital Webbing on Page 294, with a black and white ad (due to restraints on the amount of free kickassitude allowed in Previews), as a part of the Diamond Staff Picks (which contrary to popular belief does not involve open sores), and as a part of the Indie Spotlight (take that Blankets!). It has also been awarded a certified cool, which, while not an actual 'prize,' in the parlance of press release etiquette, Josh and Kody will pretend it is.

"It's an honor, and a privilege, to be certified cool," Kody Chamberlain answered from his Lousiana based sanitarium, "Thus far, the things I've been certified in have mostly been on the... uh... tantric side of things." He was then fed his pills and promptly returned to his 'soft and cushy day room' which those of us not flinging poo and touching ourselves in public would recognize as a padded cell.

If that is not enough, breaking laws in at least 58 of the 50 states (You probably still haven't heard of Kiwupitatatas, it's just north of New Mexico), PUNKS will be given out Free as a part of Free Comic Book Day on May 5th. Featured prominently in the Digital Webbing Free Comic Book Day Jam 2007. This exclusive three page story will not be featured anywhere else (until someone asks for content, and we're running out of time, so we offer them the reprint anyways), and is a MUST GET!

Both Josh and Kody will be making appearances on Free Comic Book Day to promote Punks. Chamberlain (the long haired artist one) will be a guest at CAPE in Dallas, TX, and Fialkov (the hairy writer one) will be at The Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach, CA. Come by to have whatever portion of your body you reserve for being signed, signed.

The Punks the Comic Summer Special 2007 #1 is 48 pages, featuring a huge amount of story, plus interviews with Independent Comic Superstar Rick Remender and Punk Art Master Art Chantry. All of that in a digest sized, squared bound, full color package will cost you just $4.99.

The Diamond Order Info is MAY07 3402 PUNKS THE SUMMER COMICS SP (MR) SRP: $4.99

For more information, please visit the newly launched www.PunksTheComic.com for previews, news, contests, and poorly told dick and fart jokes.

If you'd like to support the book by pre-ordering (which we highly encourage), please print this order form and drop it off at your local comic book shop.

Josh and Kody are available for follow up questions, interviews, shoe fittings, and embarassing noises.


PUNKS get Diamond Staff Pick!

Just got word that Punks: The Summer Comic Special got a Diamond Staff Pick! One of the best lines in the article is:
    I’m not sure if I can quite explain to you what I just read, but what I can tell you is that is looked really freakin’ cool.
Look for Punks: The Summer Comic Special in May's Diamond Previews under the DIGITAL WEBBING section. Previews hits comics shops on April 25th.


Reminder: Elk's Run Release Party at Meltdown in Hollywood This Wednesday!

With this week's release of Elk's Run in Comic Stores, we're going to be having a Book Release Party at Meltdown Comics in Hollywood, CA. There will be free booze, West Virginia themed food (prepared by yours truly), a DJ, and all that noise. There will also be an exclusive mini-comic of Three Rivers, and Free Original Sketches by Noel for the first 25 people to pick up a copy of the book that evening.

Here's the info from the good folks at Meltdown:

How wonderful it is that Elk's Run is finally complete. I can't imagine the frustrations experienced by the creative team behind the book as they neared completion of the series only to see it slip away, but I can certainly guess at the elation they felt seeing the tale brought to its intended finish.

It's hard to bring you in on the story without ruining the pervasive creepiness that begins to winnow your vision until the authors draw a tunnel of focus (quite literally in the first chapter) that opens new horrors. Elk's Run is a quietly horrific tale about family and community, about defining one's place in the world and how the world gets to have a say on your place in it. The exploration of this little town and how the people in it have come to isolate themselves is one of the more remarkable comics published in recent years.

It is unthinkable that this may never have reached a conclusion in print. A celebration is in order! The complete Elk's Run release party is Wednesday, April 4 at 7:00 p.m. at Meltdown, presented by Villard Books and ComicBookResources.com. Let me say the magic words you've been waiting for: alcohol will be served.

WED, APRIL 4 7:00 PM
7522 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90046

elks_run (96k image)
I hope all of you locals can attend, and please, help to spread the word.

See you Wednesday night,


P.S. Venison Jerky will also be served.


The Shield: April 3 on FX

I don't get much TV time lately, but The Shield is the one show that draws me in every week. Fantastic characters, acting, directing, camera work, etc. Very inspirational stuff, and I'm glad to see it popping up again tomorrow night.


Hello. My Name is Jason. Now go to work.

Kody set me up with this site about two months ago. Quick bio: I edit Elk's Run and the upcoming Postcards: True Stories That Never Happened. They're both coming from Villard Books. Ok, done? Good. Because now I need to put you to work...

Today starts the big Postcards Push. Postcards: True Stories That Never Happened is currently in Previews (Villard Books, Order # APR074039) and I was never one to ignore the direct market. So, I need to get people buzzing around this book, and this email will tell you how you can help.

First, Postcards is a collection of 16 stories inspired by used, antique postcards I’ve collected over the years. It features work by some of the top talents in comics today, including stories from Harvey Pekar and Matt Kindt, Phil Hester, Tom Beland, Stuart Moore and Michael Gaydos, and Rick Spears and Rob G. You can get a complete list of stories, creators, and bios at the official website. Just click on “Stories & Creators.”

Ok, promotion...

I put a handy-dandy “Promote” page on the website. On that page you’ll find wallpapers to spruce up your desktop, banners for your website, badges that make great avatars, and 8 different handouts (for significant others, mothers, comic shops, bookstores, librarians, teachers, congress(wo)men, and complete strangers) that you can print, clip, and distribute as you see fit.

Later tonight or tomorrow I will be sending out a press release that’ll launch a very fun contest where the winner will receive an original page from Stuart Moore (Earthlight, Detective Comics, New Avengers/Transformers) and Michael Gaydos’ (Snakewoman, Alias, The Pulse) story, “Tic-Tac-Bang-Bang.” The details of the contest can be read here. Essentially, entrants are asked to read a 98-year-old used postcard and tell me the story they see behind it. The winner will be announced April 20th and the artwork will be professionally framed.

You can send someone an e-Postcard here. It’s fun, it’s easy, and there’s a picture of a mule saying, “Hello Pal.” What more could you want?

Starting April 2nd, there will be a series of five conversations posted on blog@newsarama. These came out really well; the creators involved with Postcards have given great insight into their process and motivations. Please check them out. If you like them, link to them. We will be posting conversations with five different creators at CBR either the following week or the week after.

If you have any local newspapers that may be interested in reviewing or featuring Postcards, or doing interviews with me or any of the creators, please let me know.

And, finally, Postcards is on MySpace. So friend us up, subscribe to the blog, leave some comments – whatever you like to do when you’re on MySpace.

That’s it for now. Any questions, comments, concerns, interview requests, or requests for review copies can be sent my way. Hate mail, death threats, or lawsuits can be addressed to James W. Powell, my right-hand man.

Now get to work.

Jason Rodriguez


Tony @ Fanboy Radio...

So yesterday I was a guest on U.S Phenom radio show Fanboy Radio. It was a pre-recorded show, which meant that I was woken up at some ungodly time in the evening/morning to be my usual erudite and witty self. I don't think they were expecting incoherent mumbling...

Anyway, the podcast of yesterday's show is now available HERE - feel free to download and worship me mercilessly. On it I discuss comedy and the BBC, branding, Markosia, how to pitch me at a convention, Hope Falls, Starship Troopers and Midnight Kiss. I also (once more) talk about how I got into comics...

Also, following the announcement in the show - I've already had a couple of emails relating to this - yes, Dodge & Twist has a publisher and a creative team - It's AiT/PlanetLar, it's looking at late 2007/early 2008, drawn by 2000ad star Paul Peart and will be about 144 odd pages.

With The Gloom in October and Hope Falls in November, it's going to be an interesting New Year...


Leinil Yu is killing!

Leinil Yu is doing fantastic work on Fallen Son: Wolverine. He's really becoming one of my favorite comic artists lately. Anyone that knows me knows that I'm not a hardcore superhero fan, but with Michael Lark doing Daredevil and Leinel Yu doing Wolverine, it looks like my superhero pull list is starting to thicken up.

Here's the blurb from Newsarama:
Written by JEPH LOEB
Penciled LEINIL YU
How will Wolverine react to the death of one the most beloved characters in the Marvel Universe? He ain't buyin' in! Join Logan as he tries to track down the truth and he's not going to be happy when he does! The secret story that will transverse the post Civil War landscape – and stars Marvel’s most popular characters – begins here! How do people with amazing powers face a force that no one can fight? Who has fallen, and is more violence coming? With Wolverine on the scene, is there any question? Be there as superstar Jeph Loeb teams with the industry’s top artists on a story that will have everyone talking! Loeb! Leinil! Logan!


Kody's rundown

First off, the passing of Drew Hayes (Poison Elves) - an online friend from the old Wizard section on AOL, Drew helped me a lot via internet chats when I was just starting to send out comic samples back in the early 90's. He'll be missed.

Inspiration: Bill Sienkiewicz on Fanboy Radio, Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser - finally, the Drink and Draw Social Club hard cover book, The ModBook - got to play with one of these at WizardWorld LA 2007, Pandora.com - essential tunes for hanging out at the drawing table, Harry Potter comic buzz,

Reading: Brubaker and Lark on Daredevil, Brubaker and Phillips on Criminal, Azzarello and Rizzo 100 Bullets trades.

More coming soon.


Read Impaler # 1 -- For Free

Newsarama has posted Impaler # 1 online. If you haven't read it yet, here's your chance!

Issues 1 -3 are on sale now:
Impaler # 1: Diamond order code: AUG06 1734
Impaler # 2: Diamond order code: SEP06 1820
Impaler # 3: Diamond order code:OCT06 1875

And this is what the critics are saying about Impaler:

“The story is masterfully plotted to crescendo in each issue, teasing and tempting the reader to come back for more…this is a great read.”–Ain’t It Cool News

“Impaler deftly restores the bloodsuckers—and their figurehead, Vlad Dracula—to absolutely epic creatures-of-the-night. Buy this book, or I’ll cancel your Rue Morgue subscription!”–Rue Morgue Magazine

“Impaler begins a new ongoing at Image that, one hopes, can do for vampires what The Walk*ing Dead did for zombies.”–Cinescape, Rating: A

“Dark, foreboding and a great read.”–IGN Comics, Rating: Must Read

“Writer William Harms gives us what might be the freshest reinterpretation of the vampire mythos in years…the impending bloodfest over the coming issues promises to be spectacular.”–Metro (Toronto), Rating: 4 Stars (out of 4)


ND Comics Magazine launching in July 2007

Looks like a new Indy (ND, get it?) comic magazine is set to launch this summer. I love magazines, and I probably buy way more than I should. But when it comes to comics the selection is fairly thin. From what I've seen from ND Comics Magazine, it looks like it may fill the gap between Wizard and The Comics Journal. They're currently doing a subscription drive to generate a little buzz and revenue, and I'll be chipping in for a few issues to give it a test drive. Here's the official blurb from the ND Comics Magazine website: "ND Comics Magazine is dedicated to helping the independent comic creator and/or small press publisher find your audience. Our dedication to our readers is to provide up to date coverage of your favorite indie comics as well as introduce you to new indie books. ND is the best value for affordable print advertising as our readers are indie comics fans who are looking for info about indie comics."


WizardWorld LA is only a week away!

WizardWorld Los Angeles is only a week away, so if you're planning to make it to the con please drop by Artists Alley table # 2202!

I'll be there all weekend showing new stuff and maybe a few things to sell. Hope to see you there.


PUNKS: The free preview!

by Various
Showcasing the full line of Digital Webbing comics with brand-new and re-mastered short stories featuring the popular BloodRayne (based on the video game character), the iconic E-Man, also including cult favorites Fist of Justice and Zombie Highway! Plus, get sneak peeks at upcoming titles Crazy Mary, and Joshua Fialkov and Kody Chamberlain's Punks! All encased within a must-have wraparound jam cover by their respective artists!
32pgs, B&W FREE

Please note that this is an "original" Punks story that will NOT appear in the regular issues of the upcoming comic. And it's in full color! Don't miss out on the very first "FREE" appearance of these characters, or you might find yourself paying 40 bucks for a copy on eBay. So please, drop by your local comic book store and ask them to pre-order this book!

> Info on Free Comic Book Day on the official site
> Find a comic shop with ComicShopLocator.com


Impaler in Wizard

Impaler gets a nice plug in the current issue of Wizard (#186). In the Wizard Edge section, 40 of the top indy books are discussed, and Impaler comes in at # 5.

The first three issues of Impaler are on sale now!


Shout Out: Jackie Karma

Been digging on the Jackie Karma promo stuff B. Clay Moore is posting on his LiveJournal. Really looking forward to checking this one out. Art by the very skilled Ed Tadem.


Clean, simple & professional

I spotted the MacGuffin (The Graphic Novel Bookshop) blog today and I was really impressed with the store photos. The idea is simple, the store looks clean and well organized and it's got a specific focus, graphic novels. Comic shops are awesome, but they tend to cater to a very specific audience. This type of graphic novel bookstore is a great variation on the theme.


WizardWorld LA 2007

Booked my flight and table for the WizardWorld LA convention in a few weeks. The Artists Alley list is getting HUGE. Here's a peek at the list so far, and I'm told there are more updates coming soon [James Abrams, Kei Acedera, Jerry Ahern, Aaron Akagi, Jonnie Allan, J. Andrew Clark, Ray-Anthony Height, Adam Archer, Erik Arreaga, Joseph Atkinson, Richard Barrett, Joe Benitez, Ryan Benjamin, Jeff Bennett, Rich Birdsall, Khalid Birdsong, Tim Bithoney, Matthew Bojangles aka Marine, Tim Bradstreet, Andrew Brennan aka Stardusty, Mark Brooks, David Bullock, Buzz, Adam Byrne, Talent Caldwell, Eric Canete, Tom Carroll aka Mr. Mustard Seed, Mac Carter, Kody Chamberlain, Bernard Chang, Sean “Cheeks” Galloway, Sean Chen, Ben Chin, Bobby Chin, Eddy Choi, DJ Coffman, David Colman, Amanda Conner, Jerrell Conner, Derek Croston aka kitsunekage, Carlos D'Anda (Saturday Only), Peter David, Walt Davis, Kirk Dilbeck, Robert Duenas, David Finch, Jason Fitch, Tess Fowler, Zac Freudt aka Zac, Joe Gabbard, AlĂ© Garza, Angelo Gines, Gomez, Joel Gomez, Trevor Goring, Christian Gossett, Shawn Granger aka Mr. Granger, Christopher Grice, Erich Haeger, Javier Hernandez, Sandra Hope, Greg Horn, Zach Howard, Dave Johnson, Jeff Johnson, JJ Kirby, Mike Laico, Dan Leister, Henry Liao, Todd Livingston, Pat Loika, Alan Ly, David Mack, Jim Mahfood, Dennis Mallonee, Jason Martin, Brett Marting, Mike Mayhew, Chris Maze, Angel Medina, Mendoza, Joshua Middleton, Matthew Mohammed, Patrick Morgan, Yelena Morozenko, Sean Murphy, David Nakayama, Mat Nastos, Todd Nauck, Kadir Nelson, Dustin Nguyen, Oliver Nome, Andre Owens, Jason Palmer, Jimmy Palmiotti, Dan Panosian, Chris Pate, John Paul Leon, Philip Peralez, Omaha Perez, Brian Phillipson, Rochelle Phister, Whilce Portacio, Humberto Ramos, Joseph Rintoul aka Wingnut, James Riot aka MrRiot, Matt Roberts, Enrique Robledo, Tone Rodriguez, Alberto Ruiz, A. S. Williams aka Vindibudd, Mark Sable, Tim Sale, Michael Sales, Tony Salmons, Boris Savic, Stuart Sayger, J. Scott Campbell, Barret Shikuma, Bill Sienkiewicz, Stephen Silver, Erick Sosa, Beth Sotelo, Christina Strain, Winston Suk, Phillip Tan, Jon Tavss, Art Thibert, Billy Tucci, Ernesto Vazquez, Gus Vazquez, Ray Villafane, Mark Walters, Mark Walters, Len Wein, Dan Wickline, Bill Willingham, Chris Winsia, Dire Wolf, Mark Wolfe, Marv Wolfman, Dave Wong, Kristin Wosar aka Green Tangerine, Charles Yang, Skottie Young, Doug Zolondek]

Should be a great con! I'll have art from a few new unannounced projects to show, and I'll make sure I work up a new sketchbook. Who's coming?


Bloodbourne... In colour...

So - the first six coloured pages of the book Szymon (30 Days Of Night, Scatterbrain) Kudranski and I have been working on - Bloodbourne - Bite Of The Living Dead are now up and available to read at my ComicSpace Gallery.

Yours truly did the lettering, so don't expect genius, and the logo is a place holder until someone can design us a better one, but I think this is some of the most beautiful stuff that Szymon has ever done.

Anyway, have a look, let us know what you think.

Now all we need is a publisher for it...


Three Rivers

Three Rivers is the follow up to Elk's Run by Noel Tuazon and myself. Where Elk's Run dealt with isolation and loneliness, Three Rivers is about growing up in the seat of modern civilization... the suburbs.

It's a bit scary how similar they are.

The plan for right now is to put up a new chapter every month for free, with access to the archive for a buck a month.

In that archive, you can also access a bunch of my early mini-comics, comics by Noel, and some of my Western Tales of Terror stories.

So, please, check out the first part of the book, and let us know what you think!


Some sketchbook stuff

I dropped some sketchbook stuff up on my message board, these were done on a cruise Kristie and I took a few weeks ago.

These were all done with pencil, the Pentel Color Brush, a single small tube of brown watercolor paint (I think it was burnt sienna) and a water filled Pentel Color Brush that I emptied an cleaned out. Some pen stuff here and there on a few edges.

Had a blast doing these, and it was great to just have some free-form sketch time that wasn't work related. See the whole set on my message board.


Unravel #1 in Previews

New Shadowline Miniseries Continues Crime Comics Renaissance
BERKELEY, CA -- 19 January, 2007 -- The crime comic renaissance started by Warren Ellis's FELL, Ed Brubaker's CRIMINAL and Michael Avon Oeming's THE CROSS BRONX continues this April UNRAVEL ­ an all-new four-issue miniseries from Image Comics and Shadowline.
Written by Dan Wickline with art by Homeros Gilani, UNRAVEL begins with a stormy night foot pursuit through Central Park that leaves Officer Lindsey Shaw at the mercy of an amnesiac stranger. Attempts to identify the mystery man point to a connection with a decade-old cold case murder that is not only unlikely, but seemingly impossible. Thrust into a case where nothing makes sense, Shaw must figure out how her case ties to a man killed while in police custody and then convicted posthumously of murder.
"Lindsay comes from a long line of NYPD police officers," explains Wickline. "It's in her blood. She trusts her gut and takes the risks necessary to get the job done. The problem is that the case she's working on is unlike any she's ever seen. She's forced to look at everything ­ and everyone ­ she trusts differently. Even herself."
Featuring twists, turns, shady characters, deceptions and people trying to do good in the worst of circumstances, UNRAVEL gives fans of crime comics exactly what they want and is certain to keep readers guessing all the way through to the end.
UNRAVEL #1 (FEB071880), a 32-page comic with a cover price of $3.50 ships, is available for order in the March issue of Diamond Previews, with a ship date of APRIL 25.



Fialkov writes Vampirella & More

Hey Gang,
These updates are becoming monthly almost. Just a quick heads up. In Previews this month, you can find my first issue of a brand new Vampirella series from Harris Comics. The book is a quarterly ongoing, featuring a brand new story by me, with art by the excellent Stephen Segovia, and a classic reprint by Archie Goodwin and Jose Gonzalez. I'm not sure how many of y'all have given Vampi a chance, but, she's really a pretty unique character and it's been a blast writing her. So, please, pre-order the first issue at your Local Comic Shop. The Diamond Order # is FEB07 3130 (there's a few covers, and you can find them all on page 224.)

Secondly, it was just announced that PUNKS will finally make it's print debut in the Free Comic Book Day edition of Digital Webbing Presents. This is going to be an all-new, never before seen story, and it'll come complete with info about the destiny of the book. So, y'know, it's free, just let your shop owner know you'd want a copy of it.

Finally, recently put up on Amazon are a few of my books for pre-order. First, of course is Elk's Run, which comes out in March. Next is Postcards, which if you somehow have missed, is an amazing anthology featuring guys like Harvey Pekar, Michael Gaydos, and Phil Hester. Not exactly sure how I conned my way in there. Finally, a manga I adapted called Princess Resurrection is going to be coming out any month now. I adapted the 1st and 2nd book in the series, with more to come, so please check it out.

So, that's all she wrote. Take care of yourselves, and thanks for reading.

Joshua Hale Fialkov


Unravel Interview at Broken Frontiers

Frederik Hautain over at Broken Frontiers interviewed Homeros and I about our new Shadowline/Image mini-series UNRAVEL. We talk about the new wave of crime comics and how to keep them unique.
Stop by and take a look.





For several years now, international comic wunderkind Tony Lee has been wowing the world with his critically acclaimed column, 'It's Only A Comic'. From the humble beginnings at silverbulletcomics.com, to the critical success (and minor abuse) that he has recieved with the more recent regular monthly column in Comics International, he has constantly amused his audience with tales like 'the fan who stared at my penis', or 'when I got stuck in JFK overnight with a scary man.' Oh, I chuckle to even type this.

But times again are changing. With the sale of Comics International and the resignation of Dez Skinn as editor, Tony sat down with new editor Mike Conroy and, after a long discussion decided to part ways.

'We started with the traditional bantering of insults, followed by the giving of midgets.' Tony explained. 'But in the end it was decided that as I was some hoity-toity Markosia person now, I might find myself conflicting shomehow. I might start pimping my own stuff. Like I hadn't already. I mean, come on, does anyone there read my column? I spent half a column talking about Tales of Midnight for Christs sake!'

But with Dez now gone, Tony felt that it was indeed time to move on, as the restraints that a new editor would put on his column would contradict with Dez's earlier edict of 'F*ck it, let's make the buggers squirm.'

But fans of It's Only a Comic need not fear, for within hours of the news being released that Tony was now unemployed (again - does this guy ever hold down a job?), Craig Johnston of Silver Bullet Comicbooks, home of 'All The Rage', 'Fool Britannia', The Panel' and other sites that aren't by Tony's friends offered him his own bi-weekly column.

'I was drunk by this point.' Explained Tony. 'I mean, it was past 11am, you know? I need to drink a quart a day or my eyes bleed. Anyway by the time I was sober I had a new site, a new logo, a new column - and a new sidekick.'

That new sidekick is miniscule supervixen Daniel 'Viscount Du'Lamange' Boultwood, who SBC felt was integral for the column.

'He stares at us.' Said Craig Johnson from Silver Bullet Comic Books. 'Like a little puppet dressed in 40's clothing. And he never speaks. Sometimes he cries, or touches his teddy in inopportune places. The guy's not right. He scared us into putting him on the ticket.'

'I'll be writing a column every other Monday.' Tony continued. 'That way I have the weekend before to smack Dan out of his Meth-filled state and cobble some old bollocks together. I'm sure it'll be brilliant.'

With a ninja guaranteed in every article, Tony promises to keep the standards of his new column as low as humanly possible.

'I have no earthly idea what the hell we shall be talking about.' He finished. 'But it'll be, um, interesting.'

It's Only A Comic will be up at Silver Bullet Comicbooks every alternate Monday from the 5th of February 2007. If you have any questions, or wish to be mentioned or interviewed by Tony (with the occasional assistance of Dan) - then email them on itsonlyacomic@gmail.com.


Phoenix Comic-Con This Weekend

I will be attending this years Phoenix Cactus Comic Con. This weekend (Jan 26th -28th) at the Mesa Convention Center.

Guest include Mike Mignola, George Perez, Angel Median, Eric Balsuda, Howard Chaykin, Tone Rodriguez and many more.

I will have copies of 30 Days of Night: Spreading the Disease 1 & 2 along with a few other things for you to look at.

For more information, go to this link: http://www.phoenixcomicon.com/

Come on out and say "hi"!


I'm alive...

As you've seen from the last post, I'm alive - but only just. Over the last couple of months I've had to sort this out secretly, ensuring that none of my freeeloading creator chums get wind of it and hit me for pitches. Because that's what we do. No sooner have we said 'Hey! Well done!' than we're High Concepting to them.

But I am back. And I will be here more often...

Send your pitches to Tony Lee !

A big congratulations to our pal Tony Lee for moving up the food chain at Markosia.

Here's an excerpt from the Newsarama story:

"We've brought in new designers, new letterers, and we've convinced long term writer Tony Lee to take the position of Group Editor, with his remit being an overseeing of the current Markosia line and the creators that produce them. I know that over the last couple of years Tony has deliberately built a 'brand' for himself of being a happy-go-lucky chancer with a love for climbing trees, but don't fall for it - at all times at Markosia he has been a consummate professional, he is one hell of a writer and editor, knows the current line intimately, and this is a logical and natural progression."

Read the full story here!

Markosia's Official Website


New Contest

I'm running a contest over on my Myspace page. I'm giving away sketch cover editions of the first two issues of 30 Days of Night: Spreading the disease.

Go here to enter: http://blog.myspace.com/danwickline

And if you want to know what the prize is, just ask my friend Crash.


30 Days of Night: Spreading the Disease #1 in Stores Now!

The first issue of the new 30 Days of Night mini-series hit stores last week and the reviews are coming in. Some good, some not so good. But it seems that those who are fans of the title like the new storyline.

We start with Mitch Montgomery over at Silverbullet Comics who refered to the story as "well structured" and the art "terrific overall". He even gave the book a 4 targets out of 5. Though not his normal cup of tea, he does say "If you enjoyed the 30 Days series, I'm sure you'll like this." His full review can be found here: http://www.silverbulletcomics.com/news/story.php?a=3519

We move over to Pop Syndicate where Rae Rae reviewed the issue with comments like: "The storyline is great" and "People who love horror and detective comics will love this." Read the full review here: http://www.popsyndicate.com/index.php/site/story/30_days_of_night_spreading_the_disease1/

I few keystrokes later and we find ourselves at Mania.com where Kurt Amacker who said very nice things like: "a compelling mystery reminiscent of the better moments in The X-Files" and "Spreading the Disease leaves no doubt that the series remains safe in Wickline’s capable hands". You can read Kurt's entire review at: http://www.mania.com/53209.html

And just to show I take the good with the bad... Comic Pants reviews all first issues of the week and Dave Farabee seemed to pull the short straw and read a book he had no interest in reading. The nicest thing he could find to say was: "it fits the franchise history". You can read his full review at: http://comicpants.com/?p=926

The Comic News Insider mentioned the book in thier latest podcast. They liked it but didn't love it. Seems they had a problem picking up the story but they did say if you're a 30 Days fan, pick it up.