All hail Andy Kuhn!

Andy Kuhn is on the CreatorDirect.com Blog! Andy has a massive resume and a very unique and innovative style. He's worked on Mantooth, Easy Way, Negative Burn, Grendel: Red, White & Black, 10, FireBreather, and more! Have a peek at this page from Easy Way with writer Christopher E. Long. I got to hang with Andy a little in San Diego at Comic-Con and I've blackmailed him into joining the blog. I've got a few more creators lined up and I hope to get them added in the next week or so. So stay tuned.


Se7en on E! Television Network

Zenescope Entertainment and New Line Cinema's Se7en comic book series was featured at #7 on The Daily 10 show this past July 27 on the E! Television Network. After a lead-in highlighting scenes from the movie Se7en, the Zenescope logo was shown and E! newscasters described how the new series would delve into the mind of villain John Doe.

I about flipped when I saw it. Hopefully the power of television will equate to some crossover interest.


HELP: GEORGE PRATT ARTWORK STOLEN!! - at Comic-Con in San Diego!

On the final day of Comic-Con, Wolverine artist George Pratt bumped into a colleague who just happened to make the comment that George's original painting sales "must be going very well." George denied the suggestion, to which his colleague countered, "I saw a guy in the front row of the auction with your Wolverine painting. Wasn't that a $2,500 piece?" George immediately shuffled through his pile of artwork to discover the painting was, indeed, missing in action.

Pratt was proactive, providing a scan of the artwork and filing a police report. His colleague stated that he can readily identify the thief. Comic-Con executives have been most cooperative in providing the police with security tapes to identify the perpetrator.

"To sit in the front row of the auction with my stolen artwork is unbelievably brazen and disgusting," Pratt said. According to Pratt, the artwork is from Wolverine: Netsuke, Issue #1. It is a pen and ink, watercolor, charcoal and Spar varnish piece. For identification purposes, please see the piece below:

Pratt has hired WriteBrain Media publicist Denise Dorman to get the word (and visual of the art) out to relevant online and print publications to prevent the thief from selling the art to an unsuspecting dealer. Dorman requested, "If anyone has information regarding this theft, please contact me directly and I will get the information to George and the proper authorities." Dorman can be reached via email at denise@writebrainmedia.com or via phone at (630) 845-4694.

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I'll be in New Orleans on Saturday August 19 for the Alternative Media Expo!

I'll be in New Orleans on Saturday, August 19th at the Alternative Media Expo!!!!

I've done the last couple of Expos in New Orleans and they're fantastic. Lots of comics represented, T-Shirt designers, jewelry makers, indy films, zines, street artists, etc.

It's well worth the trip if you're in the area.

Click below for photos and details.

Here's some photos from last year's event:

Visit the ANTIGRAVITY site for more info. Here's the overview:

ANTIGRAVITY's Alternative Media Expo, scheduled for Saturday, August 19th at the new Howlin' Wolf (click here for directions), is well over halfway full.  Prices are $20 for 8ft and $10 for 4ft.  The official registration form can be downloaded here.  Interested vendors with questions can e-mail expo@antigravitymagazine.com or call Leo at 504.881.7508 for more info. 

The Expo is in its fifth installment and features exhibitors with 'zines, comics, photography, t-shirts, web design, films, blogs and other media.  The Expo will run from 4pm to 10pm and the cover price is $5.  Almost every type material is accepted, but if you have questions about whether yours would be, don't hesitate to contact us.

Sponsors for the Expo include the New Orleans Craft MafiaCharitable Film Network, Dirty Coast and NOLAFugees.com.

Some exhibitors include:

-Beginner's Guide To Community-Based Arts writer Mat Schwarzman

-BOOM! Studios and IDW Publishing comic book artist Kody Chamberlain

-Mathilda artist Tedd Walley

-Punish The Dead creator Toby Craig

-You Chose Right The First Time writer Chris Nicholas

-ANTIGRAVITY Film Writer James Jones' ReelFellas.com

-New Orleans-based art and design journal Constance

-New Orleans Filmmakers

-Kill Time Productions

Exhibitors include:

[Humid Beings/Dirty Coast]
Dismantled Designs
Ms. Placed
Sigh Co.
[Caesar Meadows/daFa]
[Kody Chamberlain]
[Toby Craig/Chris Nicholas]
NOLA Fugees
[Ashe' Cultural Arts Center]
[Crossroads Project]
[Spirit of Humanity Festival]
[New Orleans Voices for Peace]
[Shutter Magazine]
[New Orleans Filmmakers]
Backporch Revolution
[Adornments By Draillia]
Kina's Kreations
[Tedd Walley]
Patrick Rills/Icon Studios
Mana Media
[Corey Sanders]
Penguin Productions/Calamity's Ball
[Cecelia Hopes]
Defend New Orleans
Thaddeus Conti
Blank The Plague
NOLA Tonight
Iron Rail Bookstore/Library
Penguin Productions
Unique Products
504 Whatstyle
[Kelly Baugh]
[Timecode: NOLA]
[Bluecamp Arts LLC]
[Goldfish Jewelry Designs]
[Les Moutons Roses]
[Midnight Girl]
Kick It Fashions
New Orleans Network
Jazzy Knits
Itchy Stiches
[Kill Time Productions]

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Absolute Authority Vol.2 = Absolute Perfection

Back in 2000, for those that don't know, Mark Millar made his mainstream splash with a run on THE AUTHORITY. He and Quitely took over from Ellis and Hitch with issue 13 and went ape shit crazy with the book...and that's saying something when the original 12 issues came from the mind of Ellis. Millar soon found his work being heavily edited, delayed due to feared sensitivies revolving around 9/11, and eventually shit just got confusing when, smack dab in the middle of his last arc, DC pressed the pause button and started running another arc by Tom Peyer.

I remember being confused and eventually stopped buying the title when it seemed that Millar's final arc wouldn't be finished. I mean, what the hell, right? Like two years later I found out that Millar's last arc picked back up and eventually finished, but it was now so far behind me that I didn't make an effort to hunt down the back issues.

DC collected Millar's 12-issue run in an Absolute volume recently and I immediately sacrificed a ridiculous amount of money for it so that I could finally finish the story, now presented in beautiful over-sized pages that REALLY make Quitely's art sing. God, am I glad I did. I started from the beginning as opposed to just picking up where I left off, of course, and I have to say--these comics are even better than I remembered them being.

Millar started a movement with his AUTHORITY run. The wide-screen, big action, cinematic feel that the majority of Marvel comics attempt to carry these days. While on the AUTHORITY, Millar was the comic book industry's "shock jock"...each issue topped the last in regards to all-out craziness and imagination. And characterization? Mmph, man...every member of the Authority seems so real you feel like a dipshit for believing ever so briefly in something so outlandish. It's a great feeling. Fun.

I love it, plain and simple.

Consider for a moment the third and final arc of Millar's run: "BRAVE NEW WORLD". This arc should be required reading for any comics writer as an example of how to prime your imagination to it's limits and push the envelope off the fucking table. A genetically-engineered nightmare of a hillbilly named Seth raids the Carrier and single handedly defeats every member of the Authority while recounting the fact that he has seven names, each of which are in honor of his seven hick-ass uncles that had their way with his mother on the night of his conception.

"Whaaaaaaaaaat?! Daaaaamn!" That's the kinda reaction you have throughout reading this book. To recount one more awesome scene, then I'll leave you alone, let's turn to how the Midnighter desperately tried to defeat Seth. In the Authority, "doors" are inter-dimensional pathways that can carry you any where on Earth as well as parallel universes. After Seth chases Midnighter through the carrier, Midnighter dissapears (with baby Jenny in tow, so you're rooting for him all the more) and starts jumping through "doors" one right after the other to make sure Seth can't track him. Seth communicates with his base as they try to get a bead on him when Midnighter finally goes idle at an air force base. Right when Seth ponders what he's up to...

Midnighter flies an enormous jet bomber through through a tiny "door" into the carrier and rams Seth out into deep space. Midnighter has two words: "Die, Motherfucker."

For God's sake, go buy this book and enjoy the hell out of it. Writers have a lesson to learn from this book. Artists, too--Quitely's work on this run is nothing short of spectacular.

In my opinion, it's probably Mark's finest work....and with ULTIMATES 2 so ridiculously good right now, you know that's gotta mean something.

Brubaker and Phillips tam up for new crime book.

The news has been out for a while, interviews, press releases, the whole lot. But I wanted to make sure I gave a public plug for the new book Criminal by Brubaker and Phillips.

"So, you say, "Yeah, Daredevil's okay, and I like Captain America, but I really dug Ed Brubaker's crime stuff. In fact, the stuff he did, when Sean Phillips illustrated, like in Sleeper…man, if only he'd do another book like that."

"If only" now means a wait until the beginning of October, when Brubaker and Phillips' Criminal kicks off under Marvel's ICON imprint.

In many ways, the new ongoing series is a throwback to Brubaker's earlier days of writing comics…and his earlier days before that, too…but with a polish that years of experience now bring. We spoke with Brubaker for a look inside the new series, as well as got a first look for Newsarama readers at the five-page trailer he and Phillips created for the series."

Read the interview, and download the PDF from the Newsarama site.

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Comic-Con photos!

Here are some photos of Comic-Con. They're mostly of the Digital Webbing crew, and some of us hanging around here and there. Enjoy!


In the Heart of Darkness

Yup, melodrama and all, I borrowed the title of this post from many places, most recently one of my favorite issues of Ultimate X-Men by Mark Millar.

Have you ever had a friend that you grew apart from?

I mean really, really grew apart from....

I have. I've had a friend named Ricky that I've been friends with since before kindergarten. I went over to his house tonight to down a couple cold ones and shoot the proverbial shit about the old days. Man, how things have changed.

How have they changed? Well, for one, my old friend has become a meth addict...

And the worst nightmare of a husband imagninable...

And a horrible father...

And, well, you get the picture, eh?

I remember being a kid and wondering how fucked up, alcoholic bums turned out the way they did when I would see them at places like a McDonald's drive-thru holding a sign that read 'Please help, no where to go, homeless'.

Makes perfect sense when people from your generation, your friends especially, are on a clear, visable track to such an undesirable designation in life.

Horse piss. Here's to you, Rick...do what you came for, there's certainly nothing I can do to stop you.


Broadcasting live from Comic-Con San Diego!

Wow, where to start....

I had a rough couple of days leading up to the con, some family stuff, and that really put me behind schedule on everything! Almost didn't make it to the con at all. But I was able to get it together at the last minute and make the trip.

The con is going great! The Digital Webbing booth is rocking and foot traffic is great. Artists Alley is a little slow, so I've been keeping to the DW boot has much as I can.

Great costumes (again, no photos, so hopefully someone else grabbed a few shots), huge crowds, celebrities like Samuel L. Jackson, Roasrio Dawson, and a whole lot more I can't remember since it's 2am and I'm exhausted. Loads of stormtroopers, a few skimpy outfits and for some reason, there's a large sandwich walking around with his friend, a poached egg (and no, I'm not kidding).

Had several meetings this week with some very talented people, editors and publishers. Some new stuff cooking and some new projects down the road. But none of it gets going until I'm finished with what's on the table right now. But some of the possibilities are very exciting, and if only 10% of what's been talked about actually happens, it's still going to be a huge year.

My first ever panel went very well. It was a 5 year look back on Digital Webbing, and we had a blast. The crowd was on the small side, maybe 25 or 30 people, but considering some of the high profile panels we were up against, that's not too bad.

Picked up a few sketchbooks and art books. The conventions are always the best place for that stuff since you can look through all the books instead of ordering online and not really sure what you're getting. So far I think my favorite is the Mike Mignola and Art Adams sketchbooks. But the stack is large, and I haven't had a chance to flip through all of them.

Haven't taken many photos, but hopefully I can borrow a few from other people and do some sort of official update when I get back to the studio. Maybe I can sneak in a few shots Saturday and Sunday.

Met so many creators, I won't even bother trying to list them all. I'd forget someone, and that would suck.

More soon...


Impaler Promo Poster

Although I won't be attending SDCC, Image will be giving away some killer Impaler posters. I'm not sure how many they printed, so if you want one head over there early.

The first issue of Impaler goes on sale October 25.

Edited to add: CBR has a first-look/interview up where I discuss the book.

Top Secret BloodRayne Cover

Thought I'd finally jump in here -- just needed something to post. I just received this piece a few minutes ago -- I'm extremely happy with it. More details and the artist's name once approval rolls in. Remember Greg Horn? This isn't him. ;-)

With a little luck, we'll have 3 matching covers throughout the whole Plague of Dreams mini-series. In case you didn't know, fellow Creator Direct'er Troy Wall is writing this mini and really stepping up to the plate. It's gotta be Troy's best work to date. Sure, there are a couple hiccups here and there where he wants to decapitate her or sever an arm, but we keep him in line.

Universal Studios buys option for Tag comic!

Yes, the rumors are true, and I can officially confirm that Universal Studios has purchased the film option for Tag from BOOM! Studios.

Here's the intro to the interview, and the link to the full article. Please note there is an error in the report, issue 2 is NOT out. Issue 2 is in progress and should be finished in a few weeks.

From Newsarama:

When Keith Giffen came up with the idea for the comic book Tag based on the phrase, "Tag! You're It," he had no idea it would be Universal Pictures saying it.

Universal has acquired the film rights to Tag, a three-issue miniseries from Boom! Studios that was created by Giffen and artist Kody Chamberlain. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Marc Platt will produce the adaptation of Tag along with Ross Richie and Andrew Cosby via Boom Entertainment Inc.

If you’re scratching your head becuiase you’ve never heard of the comic – well it is new. Issue #1 of Tag hit comics shops in June with issue #2 just out. But already, film rights for the movie have been scooped up by a major studio. The same thing happened after one issue was published of another project from Boom! Studios: the comic book, Talent written by Chrisopher Golden and Tom Sniegoski with Paul Azaceta on art, which was reported to have five studios in a bidding war for rights.

Labeled as a horror/zombie comic, Tag doesn't follow the more familiar premise for a zombie story. The comic is based on the idea that a curse is passed from one person to the next with the phrase, "Tag! You're it!" In the first issue, the main character, Mitch, has just come from a fight with his girlfriend, Izumi, when a stranger walks up to him and tags him. Mitch ends up in the hospital, where doctors pronounce him dead, but he simply gets up and walks out despite the fact that he has no heartbeat and doesn't need to breathe.

Newsarama tracked down Giffen for a conversation concerning the comic and asked him about the deal with Universal and what this means for the future of the story.

> Go Here


Kirby in San Diego

(no, sorry, not Jack)

The majority of my time will be spent at the Digital Webbing booth (#1430) selling copies of LOST SQUAD and the FREAKSHOW books and annoying Kody's customers.

I will be signing copies of Lost Squad at the Devil's Due booth (#1732) on Friday 3pm - 5pm, Saturday 12pm -2pm, and Sunday 12pm - 2pm.

Stop by and say hey.

Amazing Screw on Head trailer is online!

Go watch the trailer online, it's really well done. The voices are perfect and the animation is completely in Mignola's style. Two thumbs up from me.

And there are some laugh out loud moments that really played well.


Josh's Comic-Con Apperances

First year I won’t be running from booth to booth non-stop, which is pretty nice. Anyways, if you want to see me, here’s the times and places I willl defiinitely be.

Thursday July 20th - 6:00 PM - Random House Publishing Group Panel

Friday July 21st - 2:00 PM - Signing Punks Lithos with Kody Chamberlian at Artist Alley Table JJ-02

Saturday July 22nd - 12:00 PM - Signing at the Random House/Del Rey Booth

Read this or die, Kody's convention and signing update!

Here's an update of what's happening lately including Comic-Con International, a local signing in Houma and various other things. Read below for details!

For everyone in Lafourche and Terrebonne Parishes, I'm doing a signing on Saturday, July 15th at Eclipse Cards & Comics in Houma from about 1 to 6pm. If you're anywhere in the area of South Louisiana, your attendance is required! Here's the Eclipse website and here's a promo flyer if you'd like to help promote the signing event.

I'll be bringing a ton of stuff with me including Tag issue 1 Limited Edition, Sketchbooks, original art, art prints, T-Shirts and more! Who's gonna carry all this stuff? I'm not really sure, but I'll get it done somehow. :D

I'll also have all this stuff with me at the San Diego Comic-Con International the week of July 19th. If you're in the area, or plan on attending the convention, please drop by and say hi. The convention is massively large, so I made a floormap showing my various locations on the convention floor. Print it out and take it with you if you'd like.

I'll be signing at the BOOM! Studios booth on Friday from 12:30 til 2pm, and the rest of my time will be split between my Artists Alley table and the Digital Webbing booth.

I'm contributing to two panels at the convention, here's the info on those:

This is a look back at the anthology as we're now five years since it was first brought up in the forums and two months from when DWP ..1 was solicited in Previews. Also a look ahead at upcoming DW titles.


I think that one is self explanatory.

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Ed Dukeshire!

Ed Dukeshire has been added to the blog! Ed heads up Digital Webbing and the Digital Webbing Presents anthology, among a million other things like art directing and lettering for BOOM! Studios and Image, publishing books like Fist of Justice, EMan and BloodRayne, Zombie Highway, and a truckload of other projects on the way and in the works.

I'm sure Ed's gonna show up real soon and start dropping project info. He's one of the hardest working men in comics! I even got my start in comics at Digital Webbing Presents with issue #13, and later got hooked up with Niles on issue #19. Thanks Ed!

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Mignola's Amazing Screw On Head, on SciFi!

I'm a big fan of Mike Mignola, like most artists I suppose. His stuff has a power and style to it that just oozes inspiration and innovation. I spotted these screengrabs from the upcoming Sci Fi Channel presentation of the Amazing Screw On Head, one of the coolest little books Mike ever made. The team behind the film did an amazing job capturing his style in animation and I'm really looking forward to this one. Have a look at the screen grabs!

Click below for more info on the show and Mignola.

The voice cast alone is incredible, add to that the insane story by Mignola, and the great animation likeness of his work, this is one to keep an eye on.

Here's the info blurb from Comics2Film:

The Continuum has obtained a first look at images from The Amazing Screw-On Head, Sci Fi Channel's animated series based on Mike Mignola's comic book.

The pilot will debut on Thursday, July 27, following the premiere of Stan Lee's Who Wants to Be a Superhero?, but wil the network has that it will use the Internet to get direct viewer feedback on a pilot to help decide whether or not it will go to series.

The pilot wil be show on the network's new broadband channel, SCI FI Pulse (www.scifi.com), starting on Thursday, July 13.

Here's how the network describes the show:

"Amazing Screw-On Head is an outrageous, animated, sci-fi original half hour comedy featuring the voice talents of Paul Giamatti (Sideways), David Hyde Pierce (Frasier) and Molly Shannon (Saturday Night Live) based on the exploits of one of history's great unsung heroes. A secret agent working for the U.S. government, Screw-On Head (Giamatti) is a robot that screws his head onto a wide variety of bodies, and battles those who threaten our civilization."

Produced by Kickstart Productions, the pilot was written by Bryan Fuller. Fuller and Jason Netter serve as executive producers, with Mignola as art director. Chris Prynoski directed.

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See Josh Write Prose

I have a longing to write prose. It's really not my strong suit, so I take some time every couple of weeks to sit down and really try to hone my skills and see what comes out.

So, you can read my latest attempt over at my blog entitled On What Happened to My Brother Buckeye Ty.


Tony Lee interview up at Newsarama!

Great interview without Tony about Starship Troopers and other projects! HERE


Rob Osborne has entered the building!

I met Rob several years ago at the Lone Star Comics booth in San Diego, we both happened to be there at the same time doing a signing at their table. We had some great laughs and traded a few comics and I was truly blown away by 1000 Steps to World Domination. I've been a fan ever since.

So lets all give Rob Osborne a warm friendly welcome, or a jock ripping wedgie, which ever you prefer. And don't forget to pop over to his site and see some of what he's got going on.



This is the cover for Impaler, my new series from Image. The first issue hits in October.

Impaler will be officially announced at SDCC, but I figured I'd give everyone a sneak peek.