In the Heart of Darkness

Yup, melodrama and all, I borrowed the title of this post from many places, most recently one of my favorite issues of Ultimate X-Men by Mark Millar.

Have you ever had a friend that you grew apart from?

I mean really, really grew apart from....

I have. I've had a friend named Ricky that I've been friends with since before kindergarten. I went over to his house tonight to down a couple cold ones and shoot the proverbial shit about the old days. Man, how things have changed.

How have they changed? Well, for one, my old friend has become a meth addict...

And the worst nightmare of a husband imagninable...

And a horrible father...

And, well, you get the picture, eh?

I remember being a kid and wondering how fucked up, alcoholic bums turned out the way they did when I would see them at places like a McDonald's drive-thru holding a sign that read 'Please help, no where to go, homeless'.

Makes perfect sense when people from your generation, your friends especially, are on a clear, visable track to such an undesirable designation in life.

Horse piss. Here's to you, Rick...do what you came for, there's certainly nothing I can do to stop you.

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