April 26th, 2007 - Los Angeles, CA -- Independent sensation PUNKS THE COMIC makes its debut in the May issue of Previews, on stands today. This beloved before it's existence book hits stands after a year of perfecting. It turns out that this was time well spent, as the book has been awarded the AWESOME PRIZE FOR AWESOMNESS from the purely fictional AWESOME SOCIETY OF STUTTGART. The A.S.S. (NO LAUGHING! THIS IS SERIOUS) chariman, Freidrich Von Rafaelson said in a funny fake German accent, "Ve are VERY EXCITED about ze release of Punks. It is purely awesome." At the time of press, his accent sounded more Belgian than German.

Due to the staggeringly overwhelming coolness of the book, it has been listed in Diamond Previews FOUR times. You will find it under Digital Webbing on Page 294, with a black and white ad (due to restraints on the amount of free kickassitude allowed in Previews), as a part of the Diamond Staff Picks (which contrary to popular belief does not involve open sores), and as a part of the Indie Spotlight (take that Blankets!). It has also been awarded a certified cool, which, while not an actual 'prize,' in the parlance of press release etiquette, Josh and Kody will pretend it is.

"It's an honor, and a privilege, to be certified cool," Kody Chamberlain answered from his Lousiana based sanitarium, "Thus far, the things I've been certified in have mostly been on the... uh... tantric side of things." He was then fed his pills and promptly returned to his 'soft and cushy day room' which those of us not flinging poo and touching ourselves in public would recognize as a padded cell.

If that is not enough, breaking laws in at least 58 of the 50 states (You probably still haven't heard of Kiwupitatatas, it's just north of New Mexico), PUNKS will be given out Free as a part of Free Comic Book Day on May 5th. Featured prominently in the Digital Webbing Free Comic Book Day Jam 2007. This exclusive three page story will not be featured anywhere else (until someone asks for content, and we're running out of time, so we offer them the reprint anyways), and is a MUST GET!

Both Josh and Kody will be making appearances on Free Comic Book Day to promote Punks. Chamberlain (the long haired artist one) will be a guest at CAPE in Dallas, TX, and Fialkov (the hairy writer one) will be at The Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach, CA. Come by to have whatever portion of your body you reserve for being signed, signed.

The Punks the Comic Summer Special 2007 #1 is 48 pages, featuring a huge amount of story, plus interviews with Independent Comic Superstar Rick Remender and Punk Art Master Art Chantry. All of that in a digest sized, squared bound, full color package will cost you just $4.99.

The Diamond Order Info is MAY07 3402 PUNKS THE SUMMER COMICS SP (MR) SRP: $4.99

For more information, please visit the newly launched www.PunksTheComic.com for previews, news, contests, and poorly told dick and fart jokes.

If you'd like to support the book by pre-ordering (which we highly encourage), please print this order form and drop it off at your local comic book shop.

Josh and Kody are available for follow up questions, interviews, shoe fittings, and embarassing noises.


PUNKS get Diamond Staff Pick!

Just got word that Punks: The Summer Comic Special got a Diamond Staff Pick! One of the best lines in the article is:
    I’m not sure if I can quite explain to you what I just read, but what I can tell you is that is looked really freakin’ cool.
Look for Punks: The Summer Comic Special in May's Diamond Previews under the DIGITAL WEBBING section. Previews hits comics shops on April 25th.


Reminder: Elk's Run Release Party at Meltdown in Hollywood This Wednesday!

With this week's release of Elk's Run in Comic Stores, we're going to be having a Book Release Party at Meltdown Comics in Hollywood, CA. There will be free booze, West Virginia themed food (prepared by yours truly), a DJ, and all that noise. There will also be an exclusive mini-comic of Three Rivers, and Free Original Sketches by Noel for the first 25 people to pick up a copy of the book that evening.

Here's the info from the good folks at Meltdown:

How wonderful it is that Elk's Run is finally complete. I can't imagine the frustrations experienced by the creative team behind the book as they neared completion of the series only to see it slip away, but I can certainly guess at the elation they felt seeing the tale brought to its intended finish.

It's hard to bring you in on the story without ruining the pervasive creepiness that begins to winnow your vision until the authors draw a tunnel of focus (quite literally in the first chapter) that opens new horrors. Elk's Run is a quietly horrific tale about family and community, about defining one's place in the world and how the world gets to have a say on your place in it. The exploration of this little town and how the people in it have come to isolate themselves is one of the more remarkable comics published in recent years.

It is unthinkable that this may never have reached a conclusion in print. A celebration is in order! The complete Elk's Run release party is Wednesday, April 4 at 7:00 p.m. at Meltdown, presented by Villard Books and ComicBookResources.com. Let me say the magic words you've been waiting for: alcohol will be served.

WED, APRIL 4 7:00 PM
7522 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90046

elks_run (96k image)
I hope all of you locals can attend, and please, help to spread the word.

See you Wednesday night,


P.S. Venison Jerky will also be served.


The Shield: April 3 on FX

I don't get much TV time lately, but The Shield is the one show that draws me in every week. Fantastic characters, acting, directing, camera work, etc. Very inspirational stuff, and I'm glad to see it popping up again tomorrow night.


Hello. My Name is Jason. Now go to work.

Kody set me up with this site about two months ago. Quick bio: I edit Elk's Run and the upcoming Postcards: True Stories That Never Happened. They're both coming from Villard Books. Ok, done? Good. Because now I need to put you to work...

Today starts the big Postcards Push. Postcards: True Stories That Never Happened is currently in Previews (Villard Books, Order # APR074039) and I was never one to ignore the direct market. So, I need to get people buzzing around this book, and this email will tell you how you can help.

First, Postcards is a collection of 16 stories inspired by used, antique postcards I’ve collected over the years. It features work by some of the top talents in comics today, including stories from Harvey Pekar and Matt Kindt, Phil Hester, Tom Beland, Stuart Moore and Michael Gaydos, and Rick Spears and Rob G. You can get a complete list of stories, creators, and bios at the official website. Just click on “Stories & Creators.”

Ok, promotion...

I put a handy-dandy “Promote” page on the website. On that page you’ll find wallpapers to spruce up your desktop, banners for your website, badges that make great avatars, and 8 different handouts (for significant others, mothers, comic shops, bookstores, librarians, teachers, congress(wo)men, and complete strangers) that you can print, clip, and distribute as you see fit.

Later tonight or tomorrow I will be sending out a press release that’ll launch a very fun contest where the winner will receive an original page from Stuart Moore (Earthlight, Detective Comics, New Avengers/Transformers) and Michael Gaydos’ (Snakewoman, Alias, The Pulse) story, “Tic-Tac-Bang-Bang.” The details of the contest can be read here. Essentially, entrants are asked to read a 98-year-old used postcard and tell me the story they see behind it. The winner will be announced April 20th and the artwork will be professionally framed.

You can send someone an e-Postcard here. It’s fun, it’s easy, and there’s a picture of a mule saying, “Hello Pal.” What more could you want?

Starting April 2nd, there will be a series of five conversations posted on blog@newsarama. These came out really well; the creators involved with Postcards have given great insight into their process and motivations. Please check them out. If you like them, link to them. We will be posting conversations with five different creators at CBR either the following week or the week after.

If you have any local newspapers that may be interested in reviewing or featuring Postcards, or doing interviews with me or any of the creators, please let me know.

And, finally, Postcards is on MySpace. So friend us up, subscribe to the blog, leave some comments – whatever you like to do when you’re on MySpace.

That’s it for now. Any questions, comments, concerns, interview requests, or requests for review copies can be sent my way. Hate mail, death threats, or lawsuits can be addressed to James W. Powell, my right-hand man.

Now get to work.

Jason Rodriguez