Venice Is Sinking

Just wanted to give everyone a sneak peek of a new project I'm doing with Mario Boon and JM Ringuet called Venice Is Sinking. I used to spend my summers in Italy, so I'm very excited to be crafting a graphic novel based in the historic city. Mario and I have done quite a bit of research to make sure the book is as authentic as possible. The key is to not let the research, however, bog down the story. I'll post more news about it soon, but for now let me leave with a teaser image...


Making of a newspaper strip — step by step

Found a great 42 page step by step of the creation of the newspaper strip 'For Better or for Worse'. It's a very interesting look behind the scenes on putting together the strip, and photos of the work environment for each person in the creative team. Worth a read if you're even remotely interested in the creation of these types of strips. Specifics are given throughout the walkthrough.


Cover Browser!

Since I'm working on a couple of covers at the moment (and hoping to do more), I've been doing a lot of studying of great cover designs through the years. While doing my research, I spotted the Cover Browser today and thought I'd share. It's a site with a fairly good selection of great covers over the years. Scans could be slightly larger, but overall it's a great little site.

If anyone else knows of a great cover gallery site, please drop links below, I intend to build up a library of images just incase these sites go down.




It's been a long and crazy road, but Impaler finally sees release tomorrow. Thus far, the response has been better that we could've ever hoped for, so I'm hopeful that I'll be writing this book for a long, long time. Please pick up a copy and let me know what you think!


Spike's Scream Awards on tonight!

Just a reminder for those interested, Spike is running their Scream Awards tonight. The Scream Awards cover horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and comic books. Here's the link to the official site. If you don't want to watch the show, and you'd rather have the winners asap, that info is up as well.


Frank Miller's 300 movie trailer is up

I'm a big fan of Frank Miller's 300, so I'm looking forward to the film adaptation. The visuals look fantastic, so hopefully the story holds up. Have a look at the official trailer HERE.


24 Hour Comics Day

This Saturday, October 7, is 24 Hour Comics Day. The objective, should you choose to participate, is to make a 24 page comic book from the ground up. This sounds pretty challenging, but I'm taking the plunge. You can find me at Austin Books & Comics in Austin, Texas. And bring coffee.

For more info: http://www.24hourcomics.com/

And to learn about a damn good comics store: http://www.austinbooks.com/index.html

And for more: http://www.absolutetyrant.com/

You gotta love Mondays. - Rob