Broadcasting live from Comic-Con San Diego!

Wow, where to start....

I had a rough couple of days leading up to the con, some family stuff, and that really put me behind schedule on everything! Almost didn't make it to the con at all. But I was able to get it together at the last minute and make the trip.

The con is going great! The Digital Webbing booth is rocking and foot traffic is great. Artists Alley is a little slow, so I've been keeping to the DW boot has much as I can.

Great costumes (again, no photos, so hopefully someone else grabbed a few shots), huge crowds, celebrities like Samuel L. Jackson, Roasrio Dawson, and a whole lot more I can't remember since it's 2am and I'm exhausted. Loads of stormtroopers, a few skimpy outfits and for some reason, there's a large sandwich walking around with his friend, a poached egg (and no, I'm not kidding).

Had several meetings this week with some very talented people, editors and publishers. Some new stuff cooking and some new projects down the road. But none of it gets going until I'm finished with what's on the table right now. But some of the possibilities are very exciting, and if only 10% of what's been talked about actually happens, it's still going to be a huge year.

My first ever panel went very well. It was a 5 year look back on Digital Webbing, and we had a blast. The crowd was on the small side, maybe 25 or 30 people, but considering some of the high profile panels we were up against, that's not too bad.

Picked up a few sketchbooks and art books. The conventions are always the best place for that stuff since you can look through all the books instead of ordering online and not really sure what you're getting. So far I think my favorite is the Mike Mignola and Art Adams sketchbooks. But the stack is large, and I haven't had a chance to flip through all of them.

Haven't taken many photos, but hopefully I can borrow a few from other people and do some sort of official update when I get back to the studio. Maybe I can sneak in a few shots Saturday and Sunday.

Met so many creators, I won't even bother trying to list them all. I'd forget someone, and that would suck.

More soon...

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Chris Arrant said...

Good to meet you on Friday. Love the sketchbook.