Send your pitches to Tony Lee !

A big congratulations to our pal Tony Lee for moving up the food chain at Markosia.

Here's an excerpt from the Newsarama story:

"We've brought in new designers, new letterers, and we've convinced long term writer Tony Lee to take the position of Group Editor, with his remit being an overseeing of the current Markosia line and the creators that produce them. I know that over the last couple of years Tony has deliberately built a 'brand' for himself of being a happy-go-lucky chancer with a love for climbing trees, but don't fall for it - at all times at Markosia he has been a consummate professional, he is one hell of a writer and editor, knows the current line intimately, and this is a logical and natural progression."

Read the full story here!

Markosia's Official Website

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