For several years now, international comic wunderkind Tony Lee has been wowing the world with his critically acclaimed column, 'It's Only A Comic'. From the humble beginnings at silverbulletcomics.com, to the critical success (and minor abuse) that he has recieved with the more recent regular monthly column in Comics International, he has constantly amused his audience with tales like 'the fan who stared at my penis', or 'when I got stuck in JFK overnight with a scary man.' Oh, I chuckle to even type this.

But times again are changing. With the sale of Comics International and the resignation of Dez Skinn as editor, Tony sat down with new editor Mike Conroy and, after a long discussion decided to part ways.

'We started with the traditional bantering of insults, followed by the giving of midgets.' Tony explained. 'But in the end it was decided that as I was some hoity-toity Markosia person now, I might find myself conflicting shomehow. I might start pimping my own stuff. Like I hadn't already. I mean, come on, does anyone there read my column? I spent half a column talking about Tales of Midnight for Christs sake!'

But with Dez now gone, Tony felt that it was indeed time to move on, as the restraints that a new editor would put on his column would contradict with Dez's earlier edict of 'F*ck it, let's make the buggers squirm.'

But fans of It's Only a Comic need not fear, for within hours of the news being released that Tony was now unemployed (again - does this guy ever hold down a job?), Craig Johnston of Silver Bullet Comicbooks, home of 'All The Rage', 'Fool Britannia', The Panel' and other sites that aren't by Tony's friends offered him his own bi-weekly column.

'I was drunk by this point.' Explained Tony. 'I mean, it was past 11am, you know? I need to drink a quart a day or my eyes bleed. Anyway by the time I was sober I had a new site, a new logo, a new column - and a new sidekick.'

That new sidekick is miniscule supervixen Daniel 'Viscount Du'Lamange' Boultwood, who SBC felt was integral for the column.

'He stares at us.' Said Craig Johnson from Silver Bullet Comic Books. 'Like a little puppet dressed in 40's clothing. And he never speaks. Sometimes he cries, or touches his teddy in inopportune places. The guy's not right. He scared us into putting him on the ticket.'

'I'll be writing a column every other Monday.' Tony continued. 'That way I have the weekend before to smack Dan out of his Meth-filled state and cobble some old bollocks together. I'm sure it'll be brilliant.'

With a ninja guaranteed in every article, Tony promises to keep the standards of his new column as low as humanly possible.

'I have no earthly idea what the hell we shall be talking about.' He finished. 'But it'll be, um, interesting.'

It's Only A Comic will be up at Silver Bullet Comicbooks every alternate Monday from the 5th of February 2007. If you have any questions, or wish to be mentioned or interviewed by Tony (with the occasional assistance of Dan) - then email them on itsonlyacomic@gmail.com.


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