Time for Dexter


And TV show prop will benefit The Hero Initiative

Los Angeles, CA (Oct 27th, 2007) -- The hit Showtime TV series DEXTER has started its second season at full speed, but this Sunday, the show adds a comic touch. The October 28 episode titled “The Dark Defender” will feature cameo appearances by comic writer Dan Wickline (30 Days of Night: Spreading the Disease) and comic artist Tone Rodriguez (The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror)…and one of them doesn’t make it through alive.

The idea of adding these two creative friends was the brainchild of series writer Tim Schlattman, who’s witnessed Dan and Tone’s acidic yet friendly banter first hand. Tim pitched an episode with characters loosely based on the two, and when his concept was green-lit, then suggested using the actual men who inspired the idea. Wickline and Rodriguez will play…you guessed it…two comic creators.

“I’m glad they asked us, and it was a great experience,” said Tone Rodriguez. “I’m sure if they want us back, at least the one that lives, we’d be happy to return.”

Dan Wickline also enjoyed his experience, and had an interesting time with “Dexter” actor Michael C. Hall: “He was joking around with production assistants, and just seemed like a great guy to hang out with,” Wickline said. “Then on the set, he goes from ‘Friendly Dexter’ to ‘Killer Dexter’ with just a look…and I felt just a touch scared.”

Besides the cameos, Tone Rodriguez also provided art that will be featured prominently in the episode.

And YOU can bring home a little of the Dexter experience as well. One of the Wickline/Rodriguez characters dies in the episode, and without saying who (you can find out for yourself this Sunday), you can own one of their last personal effects. A bloody shirt (not real blood, just prop blood, we promise!) worm by the “victim” is being auctioned off via eBay.com with proceeds benefiting The Hero Initiative, the charity that helps older comic creators in medical or financial need. The shirt will be autographed by both Dan Wickline and Tone Rodriguez and is available for auction at:

“Dexter: The Dark Defender” will debut Sunday, October 28th on Showtime.

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