Troy's Update

I'm such a techno-tard that I don't even know how to scale pictures and include them in my posts. How 'bout dem apples?

Man, I am so unbelievably proud of the growth and achievements being made by my fellow creator direct'ers. Any of you cats and kittens read the collected edition of Josh's ELK'S RUN? You should--it's a refreshingly original piece of work.

And how about the upcoming PUNKS: SUMMER SPECIAL by Josh and Kody? The variant cover to that book is so hilarious I'd post it up for you right now. But life is like a box of chocolates, and I'm lucky I can even remember how to log on to blogger.

And I'm 24-years old. I know 50-year olds that design websites. Damn that computer age for slipping slipping through my fingers.

As for me, the BLOODRAYNE comics have been coming out pretty regularly. Just a couple weeks from now, on July 11th, the first issue of the new mini-series RED BLOOD RUN will hit the stands. I'm currently writing a spin-off one-shot for an original character to be introduced in the next mini series titled AYANO: SAMURAI IMMORTAL.

It's funny--I've been writing women for so long now that it's actually somewhat difficult for me to get back into writing the male voice. I'm writing a new creator-owned comic in my spare time called AUGUST HOLIDAY: SUPER CRIMINAL TO THE STARS, and I keep wanting to write him from a female perspective.

I need to go funnel some beer, bust some donuts in a fast car and murder some poor fuzzy animal. Get that machismo flowing properly.


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