POSTCARDS Delayed and Other Great News

Three weeks. July 17th is the new release date.

This is great news for the book, obviously. You see - now we're going head-to-head with Harry Potter. This way, when Postcards gets crowned the number one book of the year, none of you nay-sayers can say things like, "Oh! But Postcards had a three week head start!"

We're starting at the same time. No handicap. J.K. must be quaking in her muggle boots. People are going to be showing up for their Harry Potter midnight launch party to see the Postcards display and say, "Oh! Postcards came out? I only have twenty bucks on me...next time, Harry, I promise."

It will be a glorious victory. One talked about for many years to come.

Ok, seriously. If anyone can provide me with proof that they went into their bookstore during a Harry Potter Midnight Launch Party and asked for/buys Postcards, I'll make sure that one of my creators gets a sketch postcard mailed out to you or we get you a signed book or something. You can still buy Harry Potter, but if your receipt says Postcards or if you go ahead and make a little film of yourself raising a ruckus because your bookstore doesn't have any Postcards for its Postcards Midnight Launch Party, I will find a way to get something cool to you.


Please spread the word, too. I think this could be fun…

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