Kody's pre-convention update!

First off, big news from Hollywood last week (Variety):

 Paramount Pictures has preemptively purchased the film rights to Boom Studios' upcoming comicbook "The Foundation." Andrew Cosby and Ross Richie, founders and owners of Boom, are producing the adaptation for Par. Boom publishes comicbooks and graphic novels.

"Foundation," a five-issue miniseries created by Kody Chamberlain, revolves around efforts to stop the unpublished prophecies of Nostradamus from coming to pass.

Boom title is the third to which Cosby and Richie have sold the film rights; rights to "Talent" and "Tag" went to Universal. Boom was launched 18 months ago.

Cosby also co-created the series "Eureka" on the Sci Fi Channel.

Second, Punks is done and off to the printer. Fingers crossed, I should have books with me in Chicago. If not, I'll make sure I work up an ashcan or something. But so far it's looking good. Here's a peek at the limited edition cover variant. Josh and I are already talking about doing a Christmas special, no concrete plans yet, just talk. I'll post an update on that once we figure it out. We do have some extra copies of the book coming for all the slackers out there that didn't pre-order, but quantities are limited and it's a pain in the butt to ship this stuff out. But we'll throw a few up on the Punks website when they show up.

Third, I completed a Beowulf graphic novel adaptation for Harper Collins and it's looking like a September release. The story was adapted by the lovely and talented Stephen Petrucha. The project was colored by Scott Keating and lettered by Kel Nuttall.

Fourth, been chipping away at a 1930's crime comic with writer Clark Westerman called Pretty, Baby, Machine. I do believe we'll have a few preview copies on hand in San Diego, but since I won't have an actual table, keep an eye out for the Hard-Boiled Comics table in the Comic-Con program guide.

Fifth, wrapping up the first issue of a new Spacedog book called Wight and Associates written by Rob Levin. Some tweaks to make to the first issue, and coloring is in progress. I'm hoping to get started on the second book next week. Here's a peek at one of the pages from that first issue.

As for San Diego, I don't have a table or a booth this year, so I'll be floating around a few different places. Look for me at the BOOM! Studios booth, and possibly at the Hard-Boiled Comics booth. If all goes well, I'll be set up with a full booth next year and avoid the royal pain in the ass of getting into Artists Alley and dealing with the red tape and politics of the whole thing.

I will be in Chicago for the Wizard Con, and I do have a table in Artists Alley. I'll be packing as much new content as I can, but please shoot mean email if you want a specific original art page or some of my older work. I'm probably going to pack light.

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Anonymous said...

[The story was adapted by the lovely and talented Stephen Petrucha.]

Hi Kody!

Well I've been called talented before, but never lovely - my wife Sarah got a kick out of that.

Anyway, your work on Beowulf is terrific. Very happy to have worked with you. Congrats on the film deal - and hope you enjoyed San Diego.

- Stefan P.