ND Comics Magazine launching in July 2007

Looks like a new Indy (ND, get it?) comic magazine is set to launch this summer. I love magazines, and I probably buy way more than I should. But when it comes to comics the selection is fairly thin. From what I've seen from ND Comics Magazine, it looks like it may fill the gap between Wizard and The Comics Journal. They're currently doing a subscription drive to generate a little buzz and revenue, and I'll be chipping in for a few issues to give it a test drive. Here's the official blurb from the ND Comics Magazine website: "ND Comics Magazine is dedicated to helping the independent comic creator and/or small press publisher find your audience. Our dedication to our readers is to provide up to date coverage of your favorite indie comics as well as introduce you to new indie books. ND is the best value for affordable print advertising as our readers are indie comics fans who are looking for info about indie comics."

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