Impaler Reviews

The reviews for Impaler are starting to come in, and they've been extremely positive. I have to admit that considering the sheer amount of time I've spent on this book (it's now going on three-plus years), it's extremely gratifying to hear that people really like the book. Issue # 2 goes on sale on November 22th. Be sure to look for it!

"Impaler deftly restores the bloodsuckers--and their figurehead, Vlad Dracula--to absolutely epic creatures-of-the-night. Buy this book, or I'll cancel your Rue Morgue subscription!"
--Rue Morgue Magazine

"Impaler begins a new ongoing at Image that, one hopes, can do for vampires what The Walking Dead did for zombies. Rating: A."

"Dark, foreboding and a great read. Rating: Must Read."
--IGN Comics

"Writer William Harms gives us what might be the freshest reinterpretation of the vampire mythos in years, but the real wow factor of this book is the standout art by Toronto’s Nick Postic and Nick Marinkovich. The mood is dark and creepy thanks to the Nicks’ use of shades and shadows and the impending bloodfest over the coming issues promises to be spectacular. Rating: 4 Stars (out of 4)."
--Metro (Toronto)

"[Impaler] has an amazing pull for a premier issue, superb narrative and the best dialog outside of Alias I've read."


eDuke said...

I think #2 will be out next week (Nov 22nd), not the 29th. I was looking through the advance books at my shop yesterday and flipped through #2.

Kody Chamberlain said...

I spotted a preview copy at my shop today, so it's on track for next week for sure.

William Harms said...

Yeah, it's out this week. A whole week early!