Rob Osborne Lives!

Hey Comic Lovers. Rob Osborne here. Alive. Coming to you from Texas.

To those of you who are asking, "Rob who?", may I introduce myself. I'm the award-winning, monkey-lovin', machiavellian mastermind behind 1000 STEPS TO WORLD DOMINATION. You'll also find my geezer-powered graphic novella SUNSET CITY: FOR ACTIVE SENIOR LIVING on Amazon and at other fine comics retailers.

Currently, I am holed up in a dark apartment just outside of Austin. I recently left Arizona, my home for 20-some years, and I'm without the comforts of my computer, drawing table, and eye patch until my new house is finished. Don't cry for me. Just know that I won't be at full strength here at Creator Direct, or really anywhere else, until this move is complete.

Under dreadful conditions, I am hard at work on my latest comics projects. Till next time, go forth and get yourself a copy of 1000 STEPS. And learn how to conquer the world through comics. Or come by the website: www.absolutetyrant.com

Go Forth & Conquer,


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