ACTOR Comics Presents:

I had the honor to participate in this amazing anthology coming out next month called ACTOR Comics Presents. It's a 152 page anthology featuring names like: Stan Lee, Joseph Lisner, Mark Waid, Paul Dini, Dave Sim, Dan Jurgens, Ron Marz, Michael Avon Oeming, Dick Gordiano and many more.

I have a three page story in it called The Manical Mr. Oblivion that was drawn by Desiree Rincon and inked by Rob Hunter. It's a fun little story about a villain and his desire to kill his arch-enemy.

The book will premiere at the Baltimore Con on Sept 9th and then be in stores on Sept 13th.

All proceeds from this book will go to ACTOR: A Commitment to Our Roots, a charity organization that helps comic creators in need. So please buy a copy and help out the cause.

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Just caught this post - thanks for your kind words and support! Lisa Marie Hilke McLauchlin