More Newsarama...

So Chris Arrant at Newsarama has finally released the third and final part of the interview I did with him, now all the San Diego crazyness has gone past.

In it we discuss Midnight Kiss, where it's been and where it's going and also G.P. Taylor's Tizzle Sisters, which I'm doing with my extremely talented showbiz chum Daniel Boultwood.

You can find the interview HERE.

In other news, I'm sorry if I've been slow to reply to emails, MSN alerts or suchlike - since I got back from New York it's been hectic - before the end of September I have to finish Robin Hood, edit the trade of Midnight Kiss, finish Tizzle Sisters, script five issues of another series which should be announced soon, and start my King Arthur trilogy. Oh, and sort out some edits on Raven's Gate.

I had to do that before I came back with five or six seriously large pitches to do this week. You can see why I've not been out much / answered my email much, yes?

Of course, if I get any one of the main pitches I've been asked to put in this week, expect another interview or two - one will be massive.

Right - back to work, then.

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