Digital Webbing Presents #32

Getting ready to solicit Digital Webbing Presents #32 with Diamond on Monday. Man, it's hard to believe it'll be 5 years ago since issue #1 was published. An anthology by a small press outfit lasting that long? Who would have thunk it?

Digital Webbing Presents started out as a showcase for new talent to show off their skills. The comic was published in B/W until issue #19 which featured a full-color Steve Niles and Kody Chamberlain story. Some of the talent right here on Creator Direct have appeared in the anthology; Kody Chamberlain, Chris Kirby, Dan Wickline, Troy Wall and even Tony Lee.

Pros who have contributed to the series include; Scott Morse, Michael Moorcock, Eric Powell, Christopher Golden, Steve Niles, Nick Bradshaw, Bill Presing, Bernie Wrightson, Peter Laird, Jay Faerber, Ron Fortier, Franchesco, Chris Eliopoulos and many others!

The series originally had a pay-to-play model where creators helped pitch in for printing expenses and received their share of copies to sell at conventions and restock local shops. I basically killed that model around issue 19 when we switched to full color. Since issue #29, the main feature has been the Fist of Justice, a character I co-created with writer Mike Imboden. Reaction towards the character have been pretty positive so far, so the plan is to continue until we run out of stories.

Thanks for reading!


William Harms said...

I found Nick and Nick because of the work that they did for DWP. It makes me really glad that DWP is still going strong.

Chris Kirby said...

Congrats on another anniversary, Ed! As a DW alum, I owe a big debt to you and DWP for getting me started.

Kody Chamberlain said...

DWP rocks! Screw Troy Wall and his negativity, keep 'em going no matter what! The world needs DWP.

eDuke said...

Thanks, guys! The book would be no where without your participation!