So people can find me...

Several people have asked where I am these says, so here it is -

Web - My Website. Here you'll find any updates, new pages, what's out this month, info about me, etc.

Email - My Email. I don't think I have to explain that one.

News - Actually, this is the main page of my website again, but some people prefer a direct link.

Blog/LJ - This is my Livejournal page. I post more on here because you can filter posts and, more importantly you can cut them down in size with cut tags so large picture posts don't kill your bandwidth.

Forum - My Forum. It's been a bit dead of late though. I'm hoping that'll change soon.

Myspace - My new Myspace account. Well, I've had it over a year, but I'm only playing with it now.

So now you know where I am, you have no excuses. Friend me where relevant.

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