Tizzles and Updates...

Firstly, sorry for the lack of updates, but September has been a hectic month, with the finishing of a five-part series for one publisher, the scripting of Robin Hood - Outlaw's Pride for Walker Books, and most importantly finishing adapting the sequential parts of The Tizzle Sisters & Erik for Markosia - editing down G.P. Taylor's original book into a 50/50 mix of prose and sequential pages (art by Dan Boultwood) - which comes out in a month.

So the Tizzle Sisters & Erik has gone to print, and the cover has finally been released to the public.

Created by Harry Potter artist Cliff Wright, the picture shows the two sisters in wait for Erik on a cold morning - and the back cover has the more familliar depiction by Dan Boultwood.

Click on the image to see a bigger version...

Expect to see this in your bookstore sometime in late October / Early November.

I'll update soon with a better idea of what's happening elsewhere in Tonyland.

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