David Slade on Storyboarding, and the comic book medium.

I think the importance directors place on storyboarding is really one of the keys to why comics work as a medium. The visualization of a story on paper is very pure and direct. In this new clip, David Slade talks a little about his views on storyboarding and how it solves the major creative problems of making a film. This is where the decisions are made and this is where the real creativity happens.

I'm not sure if comic fans are fully aware of the link between storyboarding and comic books, but the two art forms are very closely related and many storyboard artists are also comic book artist. The connection is important and really deserves a closer look by students of either art form.

I think the glamour of modern filmmaking is in effects and digital animation, but for the most part, the effects teams are simply recreating and expanding on ideas, characters and compositions originally created by the storyboard artist. Pop in one of your Pixar DVDs and have a look at the storyboards in the special features.

Pencil on paper. This is where the magic happens in almost every creative industry. Graphic novels and comics, one of the few industries that delivers a visual story in it's purest form.

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