More ACTOR COMICS Presents...

ACTOR Comics Presents...

Check out the Newsarama boards for a peek at the ACTOR Comics benefit book, previewing my six-page collaboration with C.B. Cebulski of Marvel and Image Comics fame. Oddly enough, I'm the only artist whose art is previewed, so get on over and check it out. It was fun as hell to do.

The ACTOR benefit book is hitting shelves on Sept. 13. It's loaded with tons of legendary talent, including Stan Lee, Paul Dini and Mark Waid just to name a few. So, appearing in the same book with those guys is an honor in itself.


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T. Casey Brennan said...

I wrote the new Cerebus story in it. And I'm homeless now.

I also wrote Vampirella in the 70s...I'm now a singer/lyricist in a band called FRANKENHEAD; a video of my song LET THEM RISE was on the 2005 Halloween episode of a local punk rock show, Crazy Mark TV. You should be able to get it directly with this URL (takes forever to load; be patient):


Kitaro's Sideshow, podcast in Israel (which ALSO takes forever to load) just played my songs on shows #36 and #37, at...



The song & refs to me are on toward the end on both shows.

This is my band's page (my 2 songs are SOCIAL WORKER BLUES and LET THEM RISE:


Celebrity Homeless List w/my name, plus fan pages about me...


This is a comic book oriented fan page with the trenchcoat photo:


This is my column at Popimage:


This is a Canadian JFK page with the trenchcoat photo cropped:


This is from The Konformist magazine; scroll down to get the trenchcoat photo cropped & with caption: "sexiest JFK MK-ULTRA assassin alive":


This is from a professor at the University of Rhode Island; no photo:


Satanic Reds T. Casey Brennan fan page...satire of Hare Krishnas; has trenchcoat photo wreathed in flowers:


Anathema Research's original T. Casey Brennan archive reposted with new material by the Mind Control Forums, but no photo:


This is the NEW TCB fan page, with Clinton document, but no photo:



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