Tag, issue 1 is DONE!

OK, not completely done. I've got to color it this week. But the lineart is done and I think it's the best art I've ever done. Hopefully everyone has their pre-orders in, if not, please ask your retailer to try and score a few for your shop.

Here's the blurb from BOOM! Studios:

TAG #1 (of 3)
Written by Keith Giffen
Drawn by Kody Chamberlain

Spine-snapping horror in the tradition of the movie The Ring! When an average joe strolls down the street after a fight with his girlfriend, a random stranger TAGS him, handing off an ancient pagan curse! Now he's literally dead – and rotting – as he sees his body begin to decompose every day before his very eyes. Cursed, he must either surrender, or find the next victim to TAG… A new mini-series from white-hot Wizard Magazine favorite Keith Giffen and 30 Days of Night Bloodsucker Tales artist Kody Chamberlain!


eDuke said...

Congrats, man! Can't wait to see it in print!s

Chad Blevins said...

Cool! That book sounds fly, man.