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Today Beau Smith dropped some preview pages for his new book COBB: Off The Leash. As a fan of comics, COBB is the kind of book I'm always on the lookout for.

Superheroes dominate the industry, and I think building other genres up into the comic book mainstream is the single most important thing we can do to help the industry prosper. Great books outside of superheroes tend to go overlooked by fans, and that tends to prevent creators from taking a chance and actually creating new properties and doing something to help us expand and find new fans. Genres like crime, horror, action, thriller, comedy, romance, westerns, etc, really struggle in comics, and if we can get behind these creators that go out on a limb and take chances, it really helps inspire new ideas.

Beau says this about the book, "Speaking of the Secret Service… I just got the lettered, uncorrected pages of COBB: OFF THE LEASH #1 in. In continuing to get the word out on this series I will send an advance Xerox copy of the first issue to any media reviewer that is willing to read it, post it, print or broadcast a review on COBB:OFF THE LEASH #1.

This ain’t a Marvel or DC super hero book, this isn’t a Star Wars comic from Dark Horse, and it ain’t a zombie/monster comic done by a million other publishers. This is an action/thriller. Like I said before, this is “Sam Peckinpah directing 24."

It’s different. That’s why I need the help in getting the word out there. If the word doesn’t get out there then the book could die a slow, unseen death that it does not deserve.

So if you are a media reviewer and want to cover something different from the usual stuff, then email me here at the ranch with your shipping information and who you review for.”

Beau posted more info on the book here.

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