Moon Knight

So the new Moon Knight came out today, and I have to say that I really dug it. It's obviously little more than a set-up for the rest of the series, but it got me interested and that's the job of a first issue.

Reading it reminded me that I had been asked to pitch a couple of things to Marvel back in 2003 or so. One of the things I sent was a pitch for Moon Knight. The first one picked up directly from the end of the previous series. They told me they wanted something new and asked me to go back to the drawing board and create the character from "scratch". So I did another pitch. This one basically offered a revamped origin.

As with most of these kinds of things, nothing much came of it other than, "we dig it and we'll get back to you". But I thought it might be cool to have someone else read the pitches. In the meantime, enjoy the new Moon Knight series (I certainly will). Now if they'd just bring back Werewolf by Night...

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