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So anyway, a while back I wrote this amusing little comic with Dan Boultwood, a five or six parter called The Gloom.

'Buy this comic - sell a kidney if you have to.' Exclaimed reviewers. 'A Mel Brooks movie of a comic!' They screamed from the rooftops.

But alas, the dream was not to be. Issues #1 and #2 came out to great response and critical acclaim, but then APC (the publishers) folded. And The Gloom was unfinished.

Yes yes, Markosia Publishing offered to continue, and even went so far to finish a proof copy of issue #3 - but it was never printed - printer issues and troubles and suchlike, I believe.

In November, Dan and I decided that we'd hold off. Work out what to do next.

Give up? HELL no.

Well kids, The Gloom is being collected into a trade. We've honed it down into the equivalent of a 5-issue miniseries, we're finishing off #5 as we speak, and with fingers crossed, it'll be out in the shops by October. Expect an announcement pretty soon over who'll be publishing it.

That's right, children, The Gloom lives again.

But what's this? You've never seen it? The stores were sold out? We can't have that, can we!

I tell you want - why don't you go to www.tonylee.co.uk/thegloom? Why, there you can see online proof versions of both issues #1 and #2! And, what's more, I've even put up the never printed issue #3!

Go read. If it doesn't show, wait a bit for the servers to recover and try again. (Sometimes they go down for half an hour around midnight GMT. No, I don't know either.)

My gift. To you.

No, not you. You.

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