How much work?

Someone asked me this weekend what projects I was currently working on, as they couldn't believe I would be able to change from project to project, and would have 2, maybe 3 projects I was playing with at any one time. And so I told them. I told them about EVERY project that I was involved in, in some way, in April.

After about the fifth one they started to twitch. So I thought for posterity's sake, I'd put them all up so you can see what this year (2006) is currently looking like for me, with a high concept for each of my creator owned ones.

And also squash the rumour that us writers just sit on our asses.

NOTE - for this, I'm not going to mention any pitches I have with the big two and/or affiliates - this is either guaranteed and already contracted Work For Hire, or creator owned gubbins.

You can see the list at www.tonylee.co.uk.....

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