Please allow myself to introduce...myself.


I'm Chris Kirby, writer of the WWII horror book LOST SQUAD from Devil's Due with art by the excellent Alan Robinson. Issue #4 should be hitting the stands in the next few weeks.

I've written for Digital Webbing Presents and self-published my own little horror anthology, FREAKSHOW and the follow-up, BRIDE OF FREAKSHOW .

I've got a few comics projects in the works that I hope to have finalized by San Diego.

I'm a big fan of the crime and horror genres. Click on over to Komikswerks to check out a horror short I wrote, with art by Gil Agudin, that originally appeared in Digital Webbing. It's called THE INTERROGATION. Gil and I are talking about coming up with two more chapters to appear online.

Thanks to Kody and Josh and the rest of the crew for letting me contribute. More thoughts on comics and pop culture and less about me next time. I promise.

If you want more ramblings by me, check out the Lost Squad production blog.


Troy Wall said...

Loving that Lost Squad, Chris!

Tony Lee said...

I've always hated that Kirby fella since he did a better version of a story I was doing....