I've been at this since 1992. During the last 14 years (!), I've written for Marvel Comics, Slave Labor, Caliber, and a few other places. My most recent works are the graphic novels ABEL and BAD MOJO, both of which were published by AiT/PlanetLar.

I'm currently working on an unannounced, ongoing series for Image Comics (I'll post some sneak peek art soon) and am getting ready to move to Seattle. I'm going to be working at Gas Powered Games as staff writer and editor. I can't wait!


Troy Wall said...

Hey, Will--

Did Steve Morris provide the art on 'Bad Mojo'?

William Harms said...

Yep, he sure did. Steve is a great artist.

Troy Wall said...

I've seriously got to snag 'Bad Mojo'. I just found it on Amazon, so I'll grab it from there.

I worked with Steve as he was coming off 'Bad Mojo' with you. That's why the title rung a bell with me. Small world!

William Harms said...

Nice. I keep hoping to do a book with Steve again down the road.