Ahoy hoy.

I was going to start off with a Howard Stern story, but it seems as though i have been beat to it. So instead, i will just introduce myself. My name is Chuck BB, my most prominent work is the 4 issue mini-series, Secret Skull, written by Steve Niles, but I have also had work published in that silly Josh kids Western Tales of Terror. As far as stuff to look out for, I have a short story in the fantastic anthology Flight, Volume 3, and in the far far future the Graphic Novel Black Metal (most likely to be with Oni).
I'm still in school, finishing up my last semester to receive a BFA. We'll see how that works out. I like nerdy shit, i like Howard Stern, I like Norwegian Black Metal and other extreme art forms and sounds. Uh... and today I’ve been drawing different Satans, take a look. we'll talk later.


Kody Chamberlain said...

Hey Chuck, we don't have a website listed for you yet. Let me know if you want me to drop something in there and I'll get it up.

Dan Taylor said...

What is this Western Tales of Terror story you speak of?