Kody's Gone Mad.

"Who wants bribes?

I'm doing random prize drawings from the Punks e-newsletter list Monday at noon (central time) !!

Prizes include:

2 free Punks shirts, 4 signed comics (various), 2 sketches that I have laying around, and 1 free blog posting (on CreatorDirect.com ) raving about how cool you are for not winning a real prize, but instead, winning a free posting on a blog.

So, if you're not on the Punks newsletter list, get on it now! This is free stuff people. I'm paying for the shipping too.

So that's 9 chances to win free stuff. You can only win one thing from the list. No multiple winners.

What's my method of selection? I'll be printing out the list, and throwing an X-Acto blade at the printed page (because I don't have a dart). And no, my aim isn't very good, so that makes it sort of random.

I may post a video of the selection process just for fun.


Totally ca-razy. I have a few copies of my Fused Tales story that I'll throw in for all you completists.

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