"With a cap of Lincoln Green"...

One of the things that I love most about writing comics and Graphic Novels, is the fact that I can research fun things. Things I want to read about. Things I like to learn about.

Today I have been researching Robin Hood. Who he was, what he did, where he came from, all that sort of thing. This has been muchos entertaining, as Robin is one of the myths and legends that I have loved since I was a child. So today I've been watching episodes of Robin of Sherwood and the 1950's Adventures of Robin Hood to get difniative takes on the character. I intend to watch Robin Hood (the Errol Flynn one) and Prince of Thieves too, when I get the chance. I've been reading books on the chap, learning which 'Merry Men' were the originals, what their names were - the joys of Folklore is that so many things get changed at the drop of a hat.

I'm also altering a lot of things here and there - Friar Tuck is now a Templar Friar who first meets Robin in the crusades - think a kind of manic and holy Brian Blessed. Will Scarlett is Will Scathlock, another childhood friend, who travels to the Crusades with Robin - and is nicknamed Scarlet because of his skills in battle. Think Starbuck to Robin's Apollo. (And by that I mean the Dirk Bennedict one.)

Maid MaryAnne is a lady in mourning - her husband dead not a year - and an influential member of the Nottingham court. The Sherriff is a man who does his job reluctantly, yet at the same time isn't neccessaritly evil - just corrupt.

Studely - a 'Merry Man' from earlier years turns up in a new role, as we start the story when Robin is a child, and Studely plays an important part in shaping this child. The silver arrow is part of the mythology again - yes, I know - Robin of Sherwood played with that a tad - but theirs was that the silver arrow was a talisman, a symbol of the resistance - where I'm playing (again) with the idea that the silver arrow is more important than ever - with legends saying it's a variety of things - from the silver arm of Nuadha to the reforged spear that pirced the side of Christ.

We have cliffhangers. We have swishy battles on staircases and swinging from chandelliers, we have archery contests and rescue attempts - but more than anything I'm looking forwards to attempt to put together as many diverse Robin Hood rumours as I can find and tie them all together, to make a new take on an already definative legend.

Sometimes I really love my job. And if you want to see greatness - click on the little Robin Hood up to the left to see a finished Sam Hart design...

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Kody Chamberlain said...

Looking forward to it!