Artist of the Day - John Buscema

Yikes, haven't done an Artist of the Day in about two weeks. Been super busy with deadlines and new projects. More updates on those as soon as I can.

Today's artist is John Buscema! A truly amazing comic artist, and one of the best storytellers in the history of comics.
Buscema has been a big influence on my own work. I know he's mostly known for his earlier work on Conan and such, but his run on Wolverine with finishers bill Sienkiewicz and Dan Green is one of my favorite comic runs of all time. Pick up Wolverine Classic Vol 1 on Amazon. And the Buscema sketchbook is jam packed with inspirational goodness. And don't forget about How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way with Stan Lee, one of the staples of comic book technique.

Official Buscema website and gallery
More info on Buscema
Wolverine Classic Vol 1
Buscema Sketchbook
How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way

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