Been a while...

Graduate school is a bitch. God, will I ever be through? Why did I choose a 72 hour masters program?!?!

Here's a page penciled by Mark Robinson (New Mutants) for our upcoming BloodRayne mini-series.

Chris: I've been enjoying Lost Squad! Your new idea sounds interesting, t00. Hey, I've also been meaning to ask you: After Lost Squad wraps, are you and Alan moving on to another project together? Yes, I want to snipe Alan from you like a bastard!

Welcome, Christian.

Kody & Josh: When the shit is PUNKS coming out? I'm about ready to read that mofro!!!


The Mad Alaskan said...

The Bloodrayne art looks sweet. I'm looking forward to this!


Chris Kirby said...

Thanks for the kind words, Troy. That artwork looks fantastic!

Alan is working on something for BOOM! Studios. I'm hoping to do a Lost Squad one shot for early 2007. I have a feeling, though, that his profile is about to rise (as well as his page rate!).