Artist of the day - Robert E. McGinnis

The passing of Alex Toth came up today in a conversation online with a few friends that had never seen or known of his work. That got me thinking that there are great artists in comics and outside of comics that have inspired and influenced me that may not be very well known. And there are likely thousands of artists with amazing work I have yet to discover.

In a quest to inform and educate (including myself) I'm starting an "Artist of the Day" post here on CreatorDirect.com. I'll make no promises to never miss a day, but you've got my word that I'll do my best to keep up, deadlines permitting. I'll also try and make sure there are images available online for each of the artists I choose. If none are available, I may scan an image now and then with the hope that some new discovery might be made. Well know, unknown, modern, golden age, I'll do my best to mix it up. The only rule is quality.

I'll try and keep it short and sweet, providing a link to biographies and galleries instead of recreating them here.

First up is Robert E. McGinnis, one of my all time favorites and often unknown in the comics world. He was a very prolific illustrator and is credited with completing over 1200 paperback covers in his career. I've always admired his incredible control of limited color palettes and gritty textures. Mark my words, someday I will own an original McGinnis paperback painting.

Online gallery
Official website

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