Face it: 2007 kinda blew. Something about that little year reeked. That being said, there is a lot of promise for the future. So... what are my fellow Creator Direct bloggers hopeful for this year?

I'll start it off... I'll be glad when the WGA Strike is over with so I can get back to work on my screenplays -- but I will admit it's a good time to be in comics. Lots of great job opportunities have popped up. In addition, I think the stories that are being told right now are the best that we've ever seen. The medium is thriving, creatively at least. Now we just gotta get the readers to notice.

Ok, who's next?


David said...

Hey Christian, I agree...the word needs to be spread to get more people in the stores buying books. One thing that myself and a couple of people have started to help that is comicbookelection.com, to work similar to Free Comic Book Day, to get people into the stores.

If you get some free time, stop by and check out the site...it should be fun to see how it pans out over the next couple of months.

Kody Chamberlain said...

My update is coming as soon as I get an opening in the deadlines. Stupid deadlines. :D

eric komans said...

I'm going to agree that 2007 was pretty shoddy, as far as years go. I'm finally moving out to California to pursue acting, so HOPEFULLY both of us get a share of the win that needs to be 2008.